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What are thread veins?

Thread veins (also known as spider veins) are old, unused, or enlarged capillaries. They are found just underneath the surface of the skin and appear as fine red or purple lines. The most common areas where thread veins can be found are on the nose and cheek although less commonly they are found on the ears and chin.

Although there is no exact known cause, they are thought to be a symptom of age, sun exposure, alcohol smoking and in those who have suffered from acne or rosacea. Thread veins are harmless, but can cause self-esteem issues if they cover large areas of the face.

How can thread veins be removed?

Treating and removing thread veins is an easy process thanks to our advanced ThermaVein system.

Our initial consultation and patch test will identify the areas of your face and body that need treatment and we’ll be able to check you will have no reaction to the treatment.

The ThermaVein system quickly and efficiently removes thread veins from the face and body using short bursts of high-frequency current passed through a small needle. This current effectively seals off the vein, allowing the body to remove it naturally.

Is it safe and does it hurt to remove the facial thread veins?

There is minimal pain or discomfort felt and no anaesthetic required. Immediately following the removal of your thread veins you will possibly find some slight redness around the treated area but this will gradually disperse over 24-48 hours (depending on the length of the treatment). It is also possible that a small scab may form due to the tiny release of some blood. But the removal of thread veins on the nose, cheeks and other facial areas is very safe with little chance of any scaring providing you follow the post care instructions given to you.

The whole treatment can be carried out within one hour (depending on the severity of your thread veins), and gives you clear, even skin after your first visit.

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Thread veins - cheeks, nose and chin

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