Laser Tattoo Removal
Fast, effective and affordable laser tattoo removal with state of the art technology.

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Do you have a tattoo that you now realise is unwanted or unsightly?

Help is here, with our award winning laser hair removal service.

Approved by the FDA with CE medical certificates, our state of the art Cosmeditech, Elysion laser hair removal treatments are your immediate answer if you are looking for a quick and cost effective way to permanently remove any of your facial or body hair.

We treat almost any skin type and any colour including some darker skin and brown skin. The results on light blonde, ginger hair and dark skin tones can vary from person to person and would be discussed during your consultation and patch test. We are always transparent about the expectations and results of your impending treatment. As one of the leading hair removal experts in Hertfordshire, with wonderful reviews and client experiences, we are confident you will get the safe and quick results you are after.

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    Free assessment via your Mobile

    If you have had a patch test in the last 6 months, then it is possible to make the booking of your first treatment over the phone. If you wish, you could send us photos of the tattoos you would like removed or describe the colouring and size on email or over the phone. Either way, we will be able to give you realistic expectations of what we will achieve over the course of your treatments for the particular tattoos you wish to be removed.

    The Laser Tattoo Removal treatment is completely safe, relatively painless but will take a few months to see complete results, depending on your tattoo and requirements. You will see noticeable fading from the very first appointment but you do have to leave a number of weeks between.

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    Price is per session. Price will depend on the size of the tattoo. All treatments for any condition are non-invasive, quick with little pain or downtime.

    What we recommend you do now

    Call or email us to describe the concern you would like to have treated and resolved. Either book to come in person to the clinic for a free discussion or send a photo via email or message.

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    Procedure Time

    This will depend on the size of the tattoo

    Back on Your Feet



    Not Used

    Sensitivity Time

    2-3 Days


    Visible after 1 session. Best results between 6-10 sessions

    Results Duration

    Close to Permanent


    Full Recovery

    1-2 days

    Number of Treatments

    For very best results a course of treatments are required

    Potential Risks

    Avoid ibuprofen and aspirin drugs to avoid excessive bruising


    Read Our Customer Reviews

    Jane McCoy 3rd May

    I tried a new treatment the Alumier Skin Peel and I am really pleased so far. This came with a post procedure kit and the products feel luxurious and my skin is glowing. Would recommend to anyone.

    Tish Ellul 29th April

    I travel a long way to go to BeauSynergy and it’s worth it. They were recommended to me by a friend and all staff are friendly and professional. Marina is amazing, totally thorough and so caring. Excellent service! 110 percent recommend.

    Kay Wren 26th April

    Very friendly and professional. I am happy with results of all treatments I have received here! Currently having a tattoo removed. All treatments are fully explained to you before you decide to go ahead. They discuss all the pros but are also transparent to give you realistic expectations. Very honest!

    Maria Louis 26th April

    Marina you’re a star! You made me feel so comfortable. I’m so happy with my thread vein treatment, the results are amazing! Thank you.

    Caitlin O’Brien 24th April

    Amazing staff who are not only professional and knowledgeable but also very friendly and good at what they do. Brilliant results.  I’m more than happy.  Will be using them again for all future treatments.

    Louise Yarwood 24th April

    Already I’m looking SOOO much better! Dr Kiran is personable, clever and hugely talented. Always feel as though I’ve visited a friend …and within weeks I look brighter and healthier for it. What’s not to love?! Thank you,  Dr Kiran

    Joanna Scotman 23rd April

    Had the most wonderful transformative experience with Dr Kiran. I was born with facial asymmetry, and as I’ve got older this has become worse. The filler treatment prescribed to me by Dr Kiran has worked beautifully and subtlety to balance my face and features, creating a naturally tighter and younger look. Less double chin and an enhanced jawline. Thank you so much Dr Kiran.

    Isabelle Masonelle – 13th April 2022

    As always, I’ve had the most amazing service at BeauSynergy. The girls here are fantastic.
    I am seen by Marina on a monthly basis and she has just been an absolute pleasure from
    the beginning. My skin has never looked so good and I have never received so many compliments! This salon is a gift from God! Thank you so much!!

    Lesley Freemat 11th April 2022

    It was my first consultation, as I am new to area. My therapist was professional and
    approachable. She listened to my concerns and explained the treatments suitable for me in
    detail. I’ve booked my first treatment and am looking forward to it.

    Your Questions Answered

    What can I expect during the Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment?

    If you have no negative reaction to a patch test, we will prepare the area and start reducing the tattoo, where you’ll see noticeable results after your first session. After each session, we may also apply a cooling gel to prevent any sensitivity and to aid the skin’s natural healing process. We can usually remove small tattoos within the first session or two, but large tattoos can take up to 6-10 sessions to fully remove or significantly reduce (depending on your wishes).

    How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

    Our goal is to provide the safest and most affordable treatment possible. Treatment prices start at £45 and are dependent on the size of the tattoo. Consultations are free.

    How does Laser Tattoo Removal work?

    This is one of the common laser tattoo removal faqs – We use the state-of-the-art Quanta Q-Plus C laser. Our highly trained and experienced laser specialists choose the optimal settings for the colours of your tattoo. The laser delivers a burst of energy that breaks up the ink in the tattoo. These microscopic ink particles are then removed by your body’s immune system. For more info on our entire process, see our How It Works page.

    Can all colours be removed at the Herts Tattoo Removal clinic?

    The vast majority of colours can be removed especially using our specialist technology; however, certain colours will require more treatments than others. Colours such as yellow and white are sometimes not possible to remove. When you come to your free consultation and patch test, we will give a full appraisal.

    Will I get a scar from having my Tattoo removed?

    The chances of scarring are very very slim, however there are never any guarantees. We are professionally qualified and treat customer welfare as paramount in our work so through experience we know that the chances of scarring are very rare.

    Does Laser Tattoo removal hurt?

    We can honestly say that it is no more painful than when you were tattooed initially. Any pain and tolerance will vary between individuals and will also depend on which part of the body is undergoing treatment. We would say the sensation is not dissimilar to having your skin snapped with a rubber band.

    Can I only have a part of my Tattoo removed?

    Definitely. The laser pulse is very focused which means we can remove only certain areas of your tattoo so that you can have it redone or have it look the way you would like.

    What can I expect after the laser Tattoo Removal treatment?

    Any sort of frosted appearance immediately after treatment will fade in approximately 20 minutes but you may well find you have some mild redness and a little swelling over the tattoo which will usually resolve over several hours. There may be some small blisters or pinpoint bleeding, which should be covered with vaseline and gauze dressing. Scarring is very uncommon with ND Yag lasers.

    What should I do after Tattoo Removal treatment?

    We recommend that you rest and elevate the area treated while also limiting your activity for approximately 24 hours. You can apply an ice compress periodically and take pain killers for discomfort, but be sure to avoid any Aspirin products or anti- inflammatory medications. Do not pop or remove any blisters or scabs. You may also have dry, flaky or itchy skin over the area for up to several weeks after the treatment. It’s very important to avoid sun exposure and to use a quality SPF 50 sunscreen, like Heliocare, over the affected area until it is healed. We also recommend that you avoid swimming until the skin is completely healed.

    How old do you have to be to have Laser Tattoo removal?

    As long as you are over eighteen years old and are medically fit then we can perform the tattoo removal at the Hatfield clinic in Hertfordshire.

    What are the side effects of Laser Tattoo removal?

    As with all medical procedures, there is still a small chance of side effects and these may include:

    • Blistering – this is temporary and very common
    • Mild or moderate itching. This is temporary
    • Scabbing, crusting, Erythema or minimal bleeding. With care this is temporary
    • Pigment changes. This should be temporary and last between 2-6 months
    What sort of consultation do I get for the Tattoo removal?

    Your consultation is free and will allow you to discuss with us the tattoo or tattoos you would like to remove. We can give you more accurate costings and realistic expectations on how many sessions may be required to remove the tattoos from places like your neck, face, hands, fingers, arms, legs, back, chest or feet.

    Is it safe and are you qualified to do Laser Tattoo removal at the laser clinic?

    Only our experienced and qualified laser specialists carry out the tattoo removal treatments. They have all the necessary certificates and qualifications, which you can request at any time. We are fully insured with an individual insurance taken out specifically for laser tattoo removal.

    Why should I wait 4-6 weeks for my next appointment?

    It is important to allow enough time for your body’s immune system to absorb and disperse the ink particles broken down by the laser energy. If you do not allow 4-6 weeks between treatments, you are not allowing this process to complete and simply wasting your money.

    Where is my nearest Laser Tattoo removal clinic?

    You have landed on our BeauSYNERGY skin clinic website. We are based in Hertfordshire near the towns of Potters Bar, Barnet, Hatfield, Cheshunt and Welwyn Garden City. There is free 2 hour parking and easy access by train or car.

    How do I book a consultation?

    If you are ready to book a consultation, click the button below.

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