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Semi-permanent makeup gives you a long lasting makeover,
enhancing your features without the need for constant touch-ups

Semi-permanent makeup, (also known as micro pigmentation and cosmetic tattooing) uses a micro-needle to place coloured pigment under the skin giving the impression of makeup, without the need for expensive cosmetics and constant maintenance.

The makeup is not permanent and fades over the course of up to five years, allowing BeauSynergy to change the look and colour as your skin tone changes.

If you are looking for your eyes or lips to become focal facial points of beauty or if you are unfortunate to have lost your brows to chemotherapy or illness then permanent makeup is a wonderful option to consider.

What happens during the treatment?

Before starting the treatment, we undertake an in-depth consultation to identify any medical issues (cold sores, skin problems) you may have, as well as a patch test to ensure you have no reaction to the pigmentation we use. Once completed we’ll apply an anaesthetic cream to the face preventing any sensitivity being felt from the micro-needle.
Our semi-permanent makeup is performed by Kerry Lawson, who is recognised as one of the leading SPMU technicians in North London and Hertfordshire.

Semi-permanent makeup eyebrows

Semi-permanent makeup adds definition and fullness to thin, sparse or missing eyebrows and is an addition to your normal makeup routine, allowing you to adjust your look with basic cosmetics.


Semi-permanent make up eyebrows

SPMU defines the contours of your face and brings out the beauty in your eyes permanently. Semi-permanent makeup is ideal if your eyebrows have lost their shape and fullness, are too thin or you have lost them altogether through chemo.

Semi-permanent makeup lips

Semi-permanent makeup adds definition to the lips, accentuating the lip line, colour, and shape. This type of semi-permanent makeup is great for those who don’t have the lip shape they want, want to add colour to their lips, or have suffered damage from scarring or from a cold sore.

Semi-permanent makeup eyeliner

Adding darker colours to the eye line defines and accentuates your eyelashes and eye shape. Whether you want a soft line to add a bit of depth to your normal makeup routine, or you want a noticeably defined, long lasting look then our SPMU technician in the Hertfordshire salon will give you the permanent makeup eyeliner.

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