Non-Surgical Facial Folds
The ultimate non-surgical treatment for deep folds and fine line removal

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Are you looking to remove wrinkles, frown lines or deep folds? Is your face starting to show signs of ageing and you want to look and feel younger?

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Non-Surgical Facial Folds – Facial deep folds are an unfortunate sign of skin ageing caused by the lack of collagen and elastin in the skin. Nasolabial folds, commonly known as “smile lines” can be particularly prominent. These folds can be either one or both sides of the nose and run down towards the mouth.

Our advanced skin therapists are highly experienced in carrying out the Fibroblast Plasma Pen treatment to safely reduce these facial areas of ageing, With no surgery required, the complete affects of the Plasma treatment, leave the areas around the nose and mouth smoother and plumper.

•No injectable anaesthetic required
•No scalpels, no cutting and no ablation of the skin
•No stitches and suturing required
•Very low-risk procedure
•Minimal side effects and very short downtime

How long do the results last?

Plasma treatments have been around a while but it is only recently that we have been able to use Fibroblast Plasma Pen as a safe, non-surgical treatment to remove deep facial folds. There is minimal discomfort and the results can last as long as 3-5 years, depending on aftercare management at home. The downtime, post-treatment, is also significantly less than having a surgical procedure which can produce similar results. The affects will keep improving with the very best results visible in 3-12 weeks.


Non-Surgical Facial Folds reduction

A series of small brown spots are strategically placed in the specific areas of the face to attain the desired result. This increases collagen and minimises the skin in its immediate vicinity. Collagen is responsible for skin strength and elasticity and its degradation leads to wrinkles that accompany ageing. This is why the Fibroblast Plasma facial deep folds treatment is so successful because it stimulates collagen, improves skin elasticity whilst plumping and smoothing the skin.

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How does the Plasma Pen treatment work?

The non-surgical facial folds treatment involves using the ionisation of gases in the air which forms Plasma. The highly advanced Plasma Pen generates an electrical arc that is directed around the folds and areas of concern So, without the device ever touching the surface, a reaction and retraction are caused just under the skin causing the skin to tighten. This tightening effect pulls tight any of your folds around the nose and mouth, causing it to flatten immediately and continue over the years.


How will the treatment benefit my Skin?

The benefits to your skin from your non-surgical facial folds treatment, will be shown by a tightening of your skin which pulls out the wrinkles and deep folds. You will also notice an improvement in skin tone, laxity, texture to produce a more youthful and contoured appearance within days. Any saggy skin in the area will be removed. The Fibroblast Plasma Pen successfully treats, repairs, rejuvenates and lifts ageing skin. The deep facial fold reduction treatment will reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and effectively reverses hyper-pigmentation, discolouration and photo-damaged skin.

From £125

Treatment time: 30-40 mins but may take longer depending on the size of the area being treated. This treatment involves the use of a Fibroblast Plasma Pen and is an alternative to invasive surgery. It is safe, quick and comes at a fraction of the cost.

What we recommend you do now

Call or email us to describe the concern you would like to have treated and resolved. Either book to come in person to the clinic for a free discussion or send a photo via email or message.

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Procedure Time


Back on Your Feet



Local Anaesthetic Cream

Sensitivity Time

2-3 Days



Results Duration

3-5 Years


Full Recovery


Number of Treatments

Will vary from person to person

Potential Risks

Mile redness for a fw days


Read Our Customer Reviews

Lucy Ragg – 21st June

A lovely experience! The procedure was very efficient. Marina was great and made sure that everything was clear about the treatment and that I knew what to expect. Everyone I spoke to throughout the experience was so kind and friendly. No problems whatsoever!

Deborah L – 18th June

Every single time I visit the clinic, I find the service to be so welcoming and re-assuring. The level of care and understanding of my needs is incredible. The results are, of course, always remarkable. Love it here!

Sheeren Jameel – 17th June

The service I had received was excellent. I felt very comfortable with Cheri and understood the process of my treatment. I am looking forwards to seeing the results I would highly recommend this service

Sara Chowl – 16th June

Absolutely delighted with the results of my Botox and Fillers. Dr Caroline really made me feel comfortable with the whole procedure, there were no surprises, when it came to pricing, was all explained as we went along. Will definitely be returning. This was my first time of getting anything like this done and I was really happy that Dr Caroline was clearly very experienced and knowledgable and also very friendly. Thankyou for making my face look happy again.

James Goorning – 13th June

Everything was explained fully to us. Marina was very professional and kind. It was also spotlessly clean. Only one niggle your pricing structure was not told to us beforehand . I think it should have been.

Asad Nacquis – 7th June

Very friendly and great service. I had 4 sessions, and every time I was seen on time, in a very clean environment. The service was top notch, including re-arranging appointments at short notice. This was due to the distance I need to travel from Welwyn Garden City. Highly recommended.

Esme Westcott – 7th June

I’ve just completed a course of 6 sessions of laser hair removal with Marina, who has been super. She is knowledgeable and very quickly allayed any concerns I had. The atmosphere at the clinic is always friendly, and it’s sparkly clean without feeling cold and clinical. I can recommend BeauSynergy and Marina, unreservedly.

Your Questions Answered

Is the treatment permanent?

Results are expected to last between 3-5 years.

Are there any specific after care tips?

Once the session is complete, we will discuss with you what the proper aftercare routine is and how to ensure the best results of the procedure.

I have seen Plasma Pen Treatments cheaper elsewhere, why do Beausynergy chage more?

We have invested in a Plasma Pen by Ib Plasma Pro. They are considered the Gold Standard of Plasma Pens because they are more effective, quicker, safer and ultimately allow the treated area to heal faster. With better results, safety and the newest technology.

How do I prepare for the procedure?

There are no specific requirements before the treatment. We suggest not to apply any cosmetics beforehand and you should let us know about any recent medical conditions and medications taken.

Once the redness has cleared following an EDS the procedure, it is important that the skin is cared for on an ongoing daily basis with an effective anti-ageing regime. The BeauSynergy specialists will recommend a regime most suitable for you, which will also help maintain the results.

What are the side effects?

Immediately after the treatment, redness and swelling may occur. One week after this, the healing of the skin should be complete and within 3 weeks a full recovery should be made without any signs of swelling or redness.

Which areas can I have Fibroblast?

You can have the Fibroblast Plasma Pen treatment above and below your eyes, around your lips and on your cheeks.

Is the treatment painful?

The Fibroblast treatment is a non-surgical treatment with no pain or minimal discomfort reported by patients. Additionally, a local anaesthetic cream is applied to numb the treated area prior to the procedure.

How long does a session last?

Each session lasts around 30-40 minutes. The number of treatments needed varies from person to person. We will discuss this with you on our initial consultation.

How do I book a consultation?

If you are ready to book a consultation, click the button below.

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