A treatment safely and expertly performed at the clinic using Cryotherapy

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Are you or your children suffering from a Verruca? Has everything you have tried previously, failed to remove it?

Verruca Removal, Beau Synergy

The clinic specialist in Verruca removal using CryoPen advanced technology.

Verrucas are small tough lumps on the surface of the skin that are found most commonly on the fingers but also on the feet.  They usually go away on their own but may take months or even years.

If Verrucas are left for an extended period of time and not treated, it may become necessary to have them surgically removed by incision. Generally, the NHS will not remove Verrucas. If this is the case you would be referred.


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How do you treat Verrucas at Beausynergy?

To treat and ultimately remove the verrucas, we use Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen) or Thermavein in one or two treatments. The most commonly used method is CryoPen which will quickly freeze the area to be treated. CryoPen is one of the most superior forms of Cryotherapy in the industry today.  The Cryothreapy kills off the blood supply which feeds the virus. The Verruca should then dry up, diminish and fall off after 4 – 7 days. Some stubborn Verrucas may require a second treatment.

We treat anyone for Verrucas from the age of 6 upwards. Parental or guardian consent is required for those under the age of 17 years.

Verruca removal treatment

The Verruca removal procedure treatment will feel like an ice cube is stuck to your skin. It is a successful and popular treatment at the clinic.

The treatment:

  • Quick
  • Minimal discomfort – tingling affect
  • Performed on children and adults from 6 years
  • Safe and performed by highly skilled skin therapists
  • Walk in, walk out.

What we recommend you do now

Call or email us to describe the concern you would like to have treated and resolved. Either book to come in person to the clinic for a free discussion or send a photo via email or message.

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Verruca Removal, Verrucas, Beau Synergy

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Verruca Removal, Beau Synergy
Verruca Removal, Beau Synergy
Verruca Removal, Beau Synergy
Verruca Removal, Beau Synergy
Verruca Removal, Beau Synergy
Verruca Removal, Beau Synergy