Covid -19 update in Hatfield at BeauSynergy
16 December 2021

Covid-19 Update in Hatfield at BeauSynergy

Considering the rapidly changing situation with Covid-19 across the country, we would like to update you and ask for your assistance in the weeks to come.
Naturally, we are seeing an escalation in appointment cancellations from clients due to both booster appointments, and sadly, the need to self-isolate due to testing positive for Covid-19 in the areas of Hatfield and the surrounding towns and villages. It is also the time of the year for common colds, flu viruses and chest infections etc. These cancellations are unfortunately inevitable but do cause a disruption to the staffs daily working day. The continual Government Covid-19 change of guidelines is testing for us all, but we keep ourselves up to date with the said guidelines to make our working lives as straight forward and as safe as possible.

Although only a small clinic of ten staff, it is inevitable also that some of our staff will have to take time of sick, have their booster injections or go for a PCR test. We do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to any changing of your appointments at short notice. It is vital that our staff remain safe and well so that all their fellow team members and clients are kept safe and healthy also.
If one of the front of house team at BeauSynergy are not able to get to work through any of the above reasons stated, then we will do our best to continue our reputable high level of customer service. However, under the circumstances this level of service may drop slightly, for which we apologise if it does so.

Covid-19 Update in Hatfield

If you are calling the clinic in Brookmans Park to make a booking, cancel, re-schedule or for whatever reason, we would hope to speak to you immediately. However, as you will know, we have a specialised answering service, who take the calls and messages if we cannot reach the phone to pick up within a set period. Unfortunately, this company (Aesthetic Response) are no different to any other company with staff. So, there will be times that they also cannot manage the calls in their normal speedy and efficient manner. If they do not have a member of staff that can answer your call, then the call will indeed go through to a polite voicemail. They will then pick up the message shortly after and pass it over to us to call you back.

What we do to help protect our Clients

On this page you will see a full breakdown of what we do as a clinic to help protect both staff and clients from Covid-19 and any other viruses. Typical examples of Covid-19 health and safety in the beauty salon and skin clinic include:

Face masks being worn by staff

Facemasks being worn by clients unless they are having treatment around the mouth and nose. At this time the masks will be off.

Santisation of every station, touch point and machine continously

Temperature check on arrival

Digital pre-appointment forms that declare that each client is negative to Covid-19, healthy and with no symptoms.

Top of the range air filtration systems that take out 98.8% of bacteria particules from the air. One in every room and reception.

Floor cleaned and sanitised every day.

Each staff member takes a lateral flow test every day to show a negative result against Covid-19

You are very much Appreciated

We really appreciate every client that we have, and we would also really appreciate your understanding of the situation we find ourselves in, as others also do.
As we speak, all the staff are healthy, and we sincerely hope that all our clients remain healthy also.

We hope that you all have the absolute best Christmas possible.

Thank you
Richard and Jacqui Bannister







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