Skin Tightening
Venus Freeze facial skin tightening treatment is the most relaxing “laser” facial.

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Do you have baggy skin on your face and body? Would you like smoother skin and a youthful-looking appearance?

Fibroblast Plasma Pen Saggy Neck and Chin treatment

We have a couple of great alternatives for those looking for skin tightening. As we age our skin becomes loose, saggy and crinkled due to lack of collagen and elastin replacement.  Venus Freeze facial and body skin tightening treatment and Fibroblast Plasma Pen are the successful options open to you.  Your consultation will determine which our skin therapists believe are the best treatments to get you the best results in the shortest period.

Venus Freeze facial utilises specific radio frequencies and magnetic pulses to heat the skin from the inside out. This promotes skin cell regeneration, collagen creation and the building of elastin fibres to tighten up the loose, sagging skin, whilst also being a warm and relaxing treatment.

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From £100

Discounts are available when you purchase a course of treatments.

Skin Tightening Options

To achieve the greatest results in smoother tighter skin around the eyes , we would be recommending one or two treatments of the Fibroblast Plasma Pen.

For the overall face, we would probably go with the Venus Freeze.

For the body, it really depends on the severity of the loose skin and the chances of achieving the desired results. In this respect, during the consultation, it can be determined which of the two treatments will work best for you.



Venus Freeze Radio Frequency is proven to be safe and effective for all skin complexions, even darker skin tones. Fibroblast Plasma Pen has more restrictions on skin colour or type.


Enjoy smoother, tighter skin after one to six treatments, depending on the procedure.


Treatments are comfortable. Downtime is between 0 – 5 days, depending which treatment is chosen.

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What we recommend you do now

Call or email us to describe the concern you would like to have treated and resolved. Either book to come in person to the clinic for a free discussion or send a photo via email or message.

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Procedure Time

30-40 mins

Back on Your Feet



None Required

Sensitivity Time

1 Day



Results Duration

3-4 Months

Full Recovery

Full Recovery Immediate

Number of Treatments

A course is recommended

Mild Redness for a few days




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Jane McCoy 3rd May

I tried a new treatment the Alumier Skin Peel and I am really pleased so far. This came with a post procedure kit and the products feel luxurious and my skin is glowing. Would recommend to anyone.

Tish Ellul 29th April

I travel a long way to go to BeauSynergy and it’s worth it. They were recommended to me by a friend and all staff are friendly and professional. Marina is amazing, totally thorough and so caring. Excellent service! 110 percent recommend.

Kay Wren 26th April

Very friendly and professional. I am happy with results of all treatments I have received here! Currently having a tattoo removed. All treatments are fully explained to you before you decide to go ahead. They discuss all the pros but are also transparent to give you realistic expectations. Very honest!

Maria Louis 26th April

Marina you’re a star! You made me feel so comfortable. I’m so happy with my thread vein treatment, the results are amazing! Thank you.

Caitlin O’Brien 24th April

Amazing staff who are not only professional and knowledgeable but also very friendly and good at what they do. Brilliant results.  I’m more than happy.  Will be using them again for all future treatments.

Louise Yarwood 24th April

Already I’m looking SOOO much better! Dr Kiran is personable, clever and hugely talented. Always feel as though I’ve visited a friend …and within weeks I look brighter and healthier for it. What’s not to love?! Thank you,  Dr Kiran

Joanna Scotman 23rd April

Had the most wonderful transformative experience with Dr Kiran. I was born with facial asymmetry, and as I’ve got older this has become worse. The filler treatment prescribed to me by Dr Kiran has worked beautifully and subtlety to balance my face and features, creating a naturally tighter and younger look. Less double chin and an enhanced jawline. Thank you so much Dr Kiran.

Isabelle Masonelle – 13th April 2022

As always, I’ve had the most amazing service at BeauSynergy. The girls here are fantastic.
I am seen by Marina on a monthly basis and she has just been an absolute pleasure from
the beginning. My skin has never looked so good and I have never received so many compliments! This salon is a gift from God! Thank you so much!!

Lesley Freemat 11th April 2022

It was my first consultation, as I am new to area. My therapist was professional and
approachable. She listened to my concerns and explained the treatments suitable for me in
detail. I’ve booked my first treatment and am looking forward to it.

Your Questions Answered

I have seen this treatment cheaper elsewhere.

We have used other Plasma devices but through development we now use, what we believe to be the Gold Standard of Plasma Pens. The ib Pro Plasma pens are incredibly safe, work quicker and allow the treated area to provide better results and heal faster. With continually better results, better safety and the newest technology, sometimes you need to pay a little more than those using the old, more inferior plasma pens.

When deciding who to use for your Plasma skin tightening treatment, please always look at the experience and safety of the skin therapists performing the procedure. Also check out the technology and materials within the Plasma Pen.

Do not rush into any decision of this kind. It should only be performed by aesthetic skin technicians who are at the top of their game.

Is CryoPen painful?

There will be a pain sensation similar to a stinging nettle on the skin when the nitrous oxide reaches the bottom of the area. There might be a little residue stinging for a few minutes after treatment. The area will be slightly itchy for about 10 minutes. Occasionally a blister may appear for a few hours.

CryoPen can treat all skin types and colours including Asian and black skin. Freeze times are adjusted to suit each individual client.

What are the side effects of this treatment?

mmediately after the treatment, redness and swelling may occur and mini scabs appear on the treated area. By the end of the week, the healing of the skin should be complete with the scabs having fallen off.  Within 2 weeks a full recovery should be made without any signs of swelling or redness.

How long does a Skin tightening Plasma session last?

Each session lasts around 30-40 minutes. The number of treatments needed varies from person to person. Your skin technician would discuss this with you on our initial consultation.

Is this treatment painful?

The Plasma Fibroblast skin tightening treatment is non-surgical with minimal discomfort. A local topical anaesthetic cream is applied to numb the treated area prior to the procedure.

After the treatment one may feel a little soreness, similar to sunburn.  Over the counter anti-inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen can be useful if allowed.

Are there any specific aftercare tips?

Any clients can resume normal activities immediately after their session.

You will be advised not to pick or peel the carbon crust that has formed. You may feel you look a little strange due to this little crusts but it will be worth the few days wait.

Keep the treated areas free of all makeup and creams, other than those recommended by you Plasma skin therapist.

Cleanse the area twice daily with mild soap and warm water to avoid any bacteria build up. Do not use alcohol cleansers.

There may be some swelling in the few days after the Plasma treatment, especially around the eyes. This is normal and part of the healing and rebuilding process. It will subside after around day 4.

It is not uncommon for a certain amount of weeping to occur. Please contact the clinic for advice with this. Be careful of generating infection.

Try and increase the amount of Vitamin C you would normally take daily.

You must wear SPF 50+ and stay out of the sun for a minimum of 6 weeks. This is to avoid pigmentation. This is really important

Contact the clinic at the earliest opportunity if the swelling has not receded or infection may have occurred.

How do I prepare for the Plasma skin tightening procedure?

There are no specific requirements before the treatment. We suggest not to apply any cosmetics beforehand. You should let us know about any recent medical conditions and medications taken.

Which areas can I have Plasma skin tightening?

This will be discussed at your consultation but the common areas are the eyelids, eyebags, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, mouth wrinkles and neck.

How do I book a consultation?

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