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Hair V Go soft downy blonde, red soft fine hair removal

Hair V Go removes fine, soft, downy, peach fuzz, fluffy, non-hormonal, red, grey and blonde facial hair painlessly. This is a revelation to so many, as it is not possible to remove these types of hair with IPL and Laser hair removal, especially on fair skin, Asian skin, Arabic skin, Indian skin and Black skin colours and tones. Hair V Go will remove and consistently reduce this type of hair on cheeks, chin, lips and arms. The removal of red hair, that is not possible with laser, is particularly significant and important. No more waxing, no more shaving and no more expensive laser treatments.

The skin is left beautifully smooth and clear, feeling soft, radiant and beautifully refreshed as this remarkable product is fortified with panthenol and oligo proteins.

How does Hair V Go work in the Hertfordshire clinic?

Hair V Go progressively reduces and removes fine, downy, fluffy, red and non-hormonal hair by removing the hair just below the surface of the skin using alkaline. Hair V Go then breaks down the protein structure within the follicle thus dissolving the hair and simply washes it away which is why it is a great product for facial hair removal.


Soft downy hair before and after

Does Hair V Go hurt or leave marks?

There is no pain, scarring, burns, skin rash, hyper-pigmentation or any production of in-growing hairs that can arise with other treatments such as electrolysis, threading, waxing and shaving. The Hair V Go treatment is quick and painless.


Soft, fuzzy, blonde hair removal

Can it remove blonde and red course hair on the face?

Unlike IPL or laser hair removal the Hair V Go alkaline formula is able to remove all colours of hair including soft fine blonde hair, grey and also red hair permanently from the chin, lip, cheeks and arms etc. This is why we believe it is a perfect choice for facial hair removal in any colour.

Can it remove soft dark hair on Asian, Arabic, Indian and Black Skin?

This specially formulated treatment by Clinogen removes soft, fine downy, vellus hair from all Asian, Black, Arabic, Indian skin type and tones. There is no waxing, no shaving and no IPL laser hair removal required. These skin tones mentioned can be problematic when it comes to getting rid of the soft fine hair from the face and can leave one feeling self-conscious of their appearance, as shaving can cause irritation and rashes and waxing encourages hair growth. Hair V Go is kind to the skin and won’t causes rashes, pimples or irritation.

Where can I have this treatment done?

You can have the soft hair removal from your face in the Brookmans Park clinic in Hatfield, Hertfordshire and then take the products home to use during the month. This will give the best results.

If you are coming from the surrounding areas of London and Hertfordshire, for example Barnet, Finchley, Potters Bar, Welwyn, Cuffley, Hertford, St Albans, Harpenden etc then please call us for directions and to discuss appointment times for your potential patch test.

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