Are you looking to tone and skin tighten facial and body areas?

Venus Freeze skin tightening

A combination of Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse. This most relaxing of “laser” facials plumps, smooths, tightens and tones all areas of the face and body.

The Venus Freeze Skin Tightening treatment is the most relaxing highly appreciated “laser” facial that we perform here at BeauSynergy. If you are concerned that your facial skin is losing its elasticity and starting to go saggy and crinkled then you would need to consider this treatment.   

Anti-Ageing Made Easy

Plumps, smooth and tighten your face and any area of your body.

Carried out at our Hertfordshire clinic, the Venus Freeze Skin Tightening treatment utilises specific radio frequencies and magnetic pulses to heat the skin from the inside out. This promotes skin cell regeneration, collagen creation and the building of elastin fibres to tighten up the loose, sagging skin, whilst also being a warm and relaxing treatment.



  • Single face or body treatment – £95
  • Single face and neck treatment – £145

This treatment can be used as a one-off beauty session, suitable for those who are going to a special occasion such as a wedding and want to look their best, or often and more commonly used as a course of treatments.

venus freeze skin tightening

venus freeze skin tightening on tummy

venus freeze skin tightening on legs


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