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SkinCare at the Skin Clinic

December 2020 – Lovely review following Lena’s laser hair removal treatment at BeauSynergy.

Laser Hair Removal

December 2020 – Hema was referred by a friend to us and gives this review of her laser hair removal treatment.




Video Reviews – The excitement Dawn shows on her way to her wedding says everything you need to know about the success of her skin treatment. She had some nasty blemishes which she wished to be cleared for her wedding. She wanted her skin to be smooth, unblemished and glowing. She is happily married and still very happy with her skin.


Mollie is 19. She was suffering from severe acne since her early teens. She came to us in despair and totally lacking confidence. She was given a DMK treatment plan and DMK homecare products with advice. After just a few months her skin is perfect. She has maintained it every since and just comes back to us for the odd treatment and her homecare products.

Award winning clinic for the last five years

Voted by Phorest (world leaders in clinic clinic/salon experiences)

Established in 2009, we are genuinely appreciative of the recognition given by the judges
at Phorest. We are also privileged to receive so many hundreds of wonderful testimonies
on review sites such as Google and in-clinic reviews – link to review page

Maintaining client health and safety alongside the best in client experiences, allows us to
be one of the UK leaders within the aesthetic / cosmetic sector – we are truly thankful

Video Reviews, Beau Synergy
Video Reviews, Beau Synergy
Video Reviews, Beau Synergy
Video Reviews, Beau Synergy
Video Reviews, Beau Synergy
Video Reviews, Beau Synergy