Wondering what can ever be done for stretch marks? We have the answers with two non-surgical and very effective treatments.

treatment for stretch marks

At BeauSYNERGY, we use have various techniques for combatting the appearance of stretch marks and for the Treatment of Stretch Marks. After a consultation you may opt for either micro skin needling or Plasma Pen, depending on the severity and size of the stretch marks. This may include EDS Dermastamp™ / Dermapen or Genuine Dermaroller™ or Fibroblast LWI Plasma Pen.

Skin needling with Dermaroller is performed using a sterile single-use roller with tiny needles. When applied it will penetrate into the dermis of the skin (approximately 0.1mm in width), creating tiny little woundswhere the skin has previous been stretched. These tiny little wounds cause a surge in collagen which helps the skin to repair itself and become thicker and healthier looking.

A successful treatment of stretch marks can be seen with visible improvements soon after the first treatment as the skin will keep on repairing as new cells are formed over the coming months.

Fibroblast LWI Plasma  causes sublimation which is the process of turning a solid matter into a gas, so results are instant and there is not excessive heat transferred to surrounding tissues to cause damage to ‘normal’ skin.

Plasma pen uses medical grade, sterile, single use and pin-point accurate technology to deliver guaranteed results. It is a very calm and relaxed procedure that takes around 30 – 45 minutes to complete per area. This is soft surgery that requires no downtime as there is no use of a scalpel, sedatives or post procedure medication.



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