Do you have unwanted Blood Spots? Do you wish they were removed?

Treating and removing these is an easy process thanks to our advanced ThermaVein treatments.

Blood Spots: Also known as Campbell de Morgan spots or Cherry Angioma, blood spots are small, harmless growths that can appear anywhere on the body. They vary in size, being anywhere from the size of a small pinhead to a larger growth about half an inch long.

Blood Spot Removal

Blood Spots: We remove blood spots with our advanced ThermaVein system, which is practically painless, quick and extremely effective. We point the ThermaVein to the base of the necessary blood spot and a very high burst of heat is released which kills off the blood cells which are supplying the spot. The spot will fall off and disappear within a few days.



All treatments for any condition are non-invasive, quick with little pain or downtime.

What we recommend you do now

  1. For a Blood Spot removal treatment is generlly not necessary to have any sort of consultation due to the nature of the condition. The clinic are happy to answer any questions over the phone. on chat or email. If you would prefer to see us before making any decision then your 10 minute chat with us is free.
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Treatments at a glance

Procedure Time

Less than 1 hour

Back on your Feet



Not required

Sensitivity Time

24-48 hours


Clear skin in around 7 days

Results Duration


Full Recovery


Number of Treatments


Potential Risks

Mild redness & scabbing

Before & After

Your Questions Answered

Yes. Once removed a Wart, Milia or Blood Spot will not return.

Very unlikely. With squeezing NHS budgets, the removal of Blood Spots, Warts and Milia are now considered cosmetic so your GP is unlikely to perform the removal.

Immediately after the treatment, redness may occur. This is perfectly normal and nothing of concern.

There is minimal pain or discomfort felt and no anaesthetic required.

Once the session is complete, we will discuss with you what the proper after care routine is and how to ensure the best results of the procedure.

There are no specific requirements before the treatment. We suggest not to apply any cosmetics beforehand, and you should let us know about any recent medical conditions and medications taken.

The risk of scarring is low.

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