Your Best Solution for Acne Scarring
29 September 2021

Your Best Solution for Acne Scarring

Many of us make one huge mistake when the treating different skin conditions that we may suffer from. This common mistake is the assumption that what works on one skin condition will automatically work on any other skin condition. The creates a constant disappointment and frustration as the treatment may never bring any success. Well, the secret to combating any skin condition is to fully understand what it entails including details of its cause and mode of infection.

There are quite a number of skin conditions which you may need a remedy for. One of the most common skin conditions is acne scarring. So what is the best solution for acne scarring? Acne scarring can slightly differ in meaning from simple acne and thus may also require a variation in the treatment methods. Luckily though, most acne scarring treatments also work for acne skin condition in general. But to those who may not be fully informed, it helps to ask the question, what is acne scarring?

Acne scarring is a skin condition caused by damage to the skin due to build up of acne. At BeauSynergy we provide the most effective natural treatments to help you get rid of acne scarring. We have two commonly requested acne scarring treatments and products due to their high success rate.


Why do we use AlumierMD products for acne scarring? One fascinating fact about AlumierMD is that it was born out of the understanding that generally we are all looking for clear, smooth and fresh looking skin. From this understanding, AlumierMD’s  scientists had to come up the most effective skin formulations. These skincare formulated products use of optimal medical grade ingredients. AlumierMD has over 100 years of experience as skincare experts. This means that their products are designed following background research into different skin types and skin conditions. With the research and trials, our clients are able to achieve the youthful skin glow that they were looking for.

For optimal results, AlumierMD skin products are customised for every client’s skin needs. Acne scarring requires an individualised skin care that is science-based and relies on high-performing ingredients.

AlumierMD use a combination of natural anti-acne ingredients with powerful anti-aging ingredients helps to reveal a clear and young looking skin. In addition, its anti-aging peptides firm and strengthen the skin, and antioxidants quench free radicals from UV rays and pollution. Some of the AlumierMD products used to treat Acne scarring include; acne balancing serum, acne clarifying cleanser, purifying gel cleanser, matticlear, moisture matte broad spectrum, hydra smooth moisturizer, ultimate boost serum and retinol resurfacing serum among others.

Danne DMK

According to popular diagnosis, acne can either be a genetic condition or inherent. Acne can also be seen to be caused by external factors such as stress, hormonal fluctuations, hot or humid climatic conditions, medications and even cosmetic ingredients that are irritating to the skin.

According to Danne DMK, a leading skincare products company used by the very best worldwide cosmetic skin clinic, the best solution for acne scarring is to stabilize your skin. You can then mitigate the skin dysfunctions that could be leading to the acne scarring skin condition. This is done by removing the blockages of the skin ducts and by regulating the cell turnover as well as oil flow.

Some of the acne scarring products from Danne DMK that we have successfully used on our client’s skin, include retosin, acne wash, actrol powder, beta gel, dermatox, pore reduction drops, acu gel, acu crème, moisture balancer, solar damage gel among many others.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body. This is why you are invited to BeauSynergy (Hertfordshire’s leading skin care clinic) for a free acne scarring consultation and an expected short course of bespoke acne scarring treatments that will leave your skin bright, smooth and healthy.

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