Why Sun Protection is so Important
29 September 2021

Why Sun Protection is so important

When Sun Protection comes up for discussion, we are constantly reminded to wear SPF, but why? SPF moisturisers, such as Heliocare 360 are formulated to protect us from harmful sun rays which can damage our health in the short and long term. One of the most important rules when spending time in the sunshine is to protect before you are affected. SPF works to build a block again UVB rays which can cause sunburn– the affects we can see and feel. These can lead to longer term damage which may develop into serious health issues.

Look at the best before date

You may think that because SPF isn’t usable if it doesn’t have an expiry date, you are wrong. It’s important to check the packaging and make sure it is still just as protective as it was first formulated to be.

How much should I apply?

It’s not just for looking or feeling pretty, theres a science to it. The FDA have suggested 2mg per square centimetre of skin. Imagine using half a tea spoon for your face and neck whilst using more for your legs, arms, chest and back. Apply a small amount and let it sink in, then apply the rest so the skin is fully topped up.

Don’t rub it in

To get the best Sun Protection it is worth remembering that SPF moisturisers need a chance to sink in, avoid habit to rub it in but to leave it to sit and protect the skin and leave pores unclogged. It will also avoid your palms soaking up most the goodness.

UVB rays really are that bad

There are many types of sunlight, but ultraviolet B rays are the ones which damage your skin and are responsible for producing sunburn. UVB rays can also be responsible for causing skin cancers including malignant melanoma.



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