What are the Benefits of Having Dermal Lip Fillers?
24 September 2021

What are your Benefits of having Dermal Lip Fillers?

Gain More Confidence and Smile Again

As we age, our lips tend to lose definition and become thinner. You might not notice it at first, especially if you use make-up, but with time the shape is evident. Naturally, you are likely to notice the changes around the ‘Cupid’s Bow’, which is the V-shaped area of the upper lip. Vertical wrinkles start bleeding down, highlighting the problem even further.

If you want to get your youthful look and get that gorgeous smile back again, we have a solution for you. Dermal lip fillers are what you need in order to get more natural fuller lips. But why should you undergo this lip enhancement procedure in the first place? What are the benefits you are likely to enjoy?

We are going to explore the important of dermal lip fillers / lip enhancement, and why the procedure has grown in popularity in the recent times.

A more defined smile

Think about it: a beautiful smile is all about the teeth and the lips, right? Well, that’s true. If you have nice-looking fuller lips, there’s no doubt your smile will be more adorable. Dermal lip fillers are the answer to this. The procedure involves injecting lip fillers made of purified natural protein into the lips, making them fuller and more gorgeous.

Turns the corners of your mouth upwards

Just as mentioned earlier, when age catches up with us, wrinkles and loose skin are inevitable. When it comes to the lips, the changes are more evident, especially in the upper lip. You will start to notice vertical wrinkles bleeding before the problem proceeds further down. The further benefits of dermal lip fillers are that they help you turn the corners of your mouth upwards, giving you a more youthful appearance.

Non-invasive treatment with little downtime

Most cosmetic procedures require you to go into a theatre and spend hours or so before the procedure is complete. Some of them are invasive to correct the affected areas. Well, this is not the case with dermal lip fillers. The benefits of dermal lip fillers or lip augmentation are that this procedure is non-invasive and takes less time. You can literally return to your activities after the procedure is conducted.  One treatment is enough to give you your desired results. Amazing, right?

Importance of a qualified doctor

The lips are very sensitive body parts and a single mistake could lead to more harm than the intended good. In order to achieve the best results, it is imperative you use a prescribed doctor or nurse who has the qualified training and necessary skills to handle the procedure.

Where is the dermal lip filler clinic?

The best clinic or practice, with the most reputable cosmetic doctor in Hertfordshire, can be found at BeauSynergy. BeauSynergy is an award-winning advanced aesthetic, laser skin care clinic based in Hatfield, close to Potters Bar, Cuffley and Goffs Oak in Hertfordshire. Within their practice, they have a fully qualified, experienced aesthetic cosmetic doctor who understands skin and what is best for each individual patient. They listen to the needs of the patient and advise accordingly depending on the make-up and the structure of the patient’s face. You will get 45 minutes of consultation, which is enough time for the doctor to understand what you need in order to administer the procedure in the best way possible. The clinic uses only the very best ecologically approved products that have been proven to be effective. The doctor would never prescribe to giving a patient too many ml of product. However, they are the best at understanding a patient brief and have an understanding of the structure of the patient’s face in order to give the exact amount for the most perfect fuller and gorgeous lips.

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