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Stop! Before you bare your back or your legs this summer, make an appointment for professional waxing treatments at BeauSynergy. We offer a full range of strip and hot wax to leave both women and men smooth and summer ready from your waxing treatments in Hatfield.

With the hot summer months around the corner, you’ll be ready for tanning, holidays, beach and pool with no unwanted face or body hair.

The Benefits of Waxing Treatments in Hatfield

Tired of hacking your legs up shaving every day just to put on plasters with your favourite shorts? Waxing is a much better option. It removes hair for as long as six weeks, so you’ll only need a few sessions to cover you throughout the whole summer!

Unlike shaving, waxing also leaves you with no course, scratchy stubble. It’s also a lot less likely to give you nasty ingrown hairs that can cause you pain.

Strip Waxing

These waxing treatments in Hatfield come with the heated wax, pre-applied on cloth strips. They’re fast and effective, especially when applied by our award-winning beauty waxing experts near Potters Bar. Strip wax is best suited to less sensitive areas of your body.

The Best Areas to Strip Wax

Wondering which areas would be the best strip waxing treatments? Why not try them on your:

  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Face
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Armpits
  • Eyebrows

Hot Waxing

Yes, both methods feature heated wax. However, a hot wax means it’s applied to the skin first and then cloth strips are laid on top. This is a very precise way to remove hair from the most sensitive and delicate areas.

Where to Hot Wax

You’d be best to stick to hot wax in the following areas:

  • Face
  • Bikini line
  • Hollywood
  • Brazilian

It’s also good for sensitive armpits and often offered for eyebrows, too.

Other Hair Removal Solutions

Not feeling ready to brave wax treatments this summer? Not to fear, at BeauSynergy in Hatfield, we offer other hair removal options such as IPL laser hair removal, Hair v Go and HD Brows. These are often great for very specific hair removal needs.

Laser hair removal is an excellent, permanent solution for stubborn areas you simply don’t want to wax or pluck repeatedly. The innovative IPL laser technology is also formulated to treat darker skin safely and effectively.

If it’s soft peach fuzz hair you’d love to banish, Hair v Go is brilliant and pain-free on all skin types, skin colours and hair colour. Think of it for ladies’ arms, face and stomachs.

Finally, if you crave a more exact brow shaping than even waxing treatments can offer, you’ll love HD Brows at our skin and beauty clinic in Potters Bar. Give your brows a real wow factor with HD brows and LVL tinting for brows and lashes.

Feel Body Confident This Summer

Whether you stick with a firm favourite like one of our classic waxing treatments or want to give a different type of hair removal a go, you’ll feel your best this summer after visiting BeauSynergy.

Wear your favourite skirt or go shirtless at the beach without wasting any more time nicking yourself shaving or feeling embarrassed about being covered in red, angry bumps.

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