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Facial Thread Vein Removal

How effective is the Thread Vein removal at BeauSynergy?

Our Thread Vein removal system by ThermaVein is an advanced version of the old Veinwave system and is a fast and effective way to remove both thread and spider veins from all areas of the face, including nose and cheeks, in just one to two sessions. From our Hertfordshire thread vein clinic, the treatment uses an advanced high-frequency current that is passed through a thin needle that destroys, by coagulation, completely removing the thread veins.

Since thread veins / Spider veins are essentially dead veins already, then there are no problems caused by removing them in this way. The Thermavein treatment is practically painless, wont leave any scars or visible marks and has no known side effects. After a few days, you may notice some raised skin in the area that was treated, but this will only last a day or so as the body reabsorbs the destroyed vein.

Please note the facial spider vein removal treatment is not suitable for those who are pregnant, have epilepsy, are under 16 years or have a spray fake tan. Thread vein removal is fine for those who have got a tan through a sunbed or from sunbathing.

What can I expect during the Facial Thread Vein removal treatment?

After a free consultation with one of our skincare specialists at our Herts skin care clinic, you will analysed and identification of the thread veins on your face body will take place. It will then be determined if you would like to proceed and told the cost involved to remove them permanently.

The Thermavein treatment works from the very first session and can take as little as 5 minutes to remove one small vein, however additional or larger veins will mean more time will be needed.

The cost price of thread vein removal at BeauSynergy is £95 with an increase of around £5 per vein thereafter.

Thermavein is also used at our clinic in Hertfordshire to treat skin tags, blood spots, Cherry Angiomas and Milia.

Cost price of the above from £45 depending on amount and size

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