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Do you need a Sports Massage?

Too many people there is a misconception that a Sports Massage is simply a deep tissue massage that aims to massage and manipulate the muscles, stretch out the fascia, and work remedially to ease tightness and restrictions. However, a quality Sports Massage in the Hertfordshire clinic can be beneficial in relieving pain for so many others that are not even doing sport.

Katie, our sports massage therapist has been treating professional and semi-professional athletes over the last two decades as well as ladies and gentlemen who work in many different lines of business. They come to see Katie for these types of issues:

  • Achilles strains
  • IT band loosening
  • Stiff neck and sore shoulders
  • Lower back stiffness ……….. and much more.

What type of Sports Massage do you need?

This type of remedial massage is not a “one size fits all”.  The treatment can be heavy and hard in order to press and work deep tissues, it can be slightly lighter in order to work tired muscles and to ease blood circulation or it can be light as a feather.

It is totally your choice. However, if you have a complaint of a particular injury that you would like Katie to work with, having seen your Physiotherapists, then please let her have as much detail as possible. She may even like to speak to your Physio if there are a number of different issues at the same time.

So whether you do ultra-marathons or play tennis; sports massage therapies are the perfect antidote to tired or injured limbs, but also perfect to have on a regular basis to keep muscles supple for injury prevention.

Where Can I Get a Sports Massage?

Katie practices from the Brookmans Park clinic in Hatfield but is also mobile and can treat you with a sports remedial massage therapy in any of the local areas including Potters Bar, Hatfield, Cuffley, Goffs Oak, Colney Heath, Essendon or Little Berkhamsted.

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