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What is the Venus Freeze facial Skin Tightening treatment and how can it help you?

The Venus Freeze skin tightening treatment is the most relaxing highly appreciated “laser” facial that we perform here at BeauSynergy. If you are concerned that your skin is losing its elasticity and starting to go saggy and crinkled then you would need to consider the Venus Freeze to plump, smooth and tighten on any area of your body.

Carried out at our Hertfordshire clinic , the Venus Freeze utilizes specific radio frequencies and magnetic pulses to heat the skin from the inside out. This promotes skin cell regeneration, collagen creation, and the building of elastin fibres to tighten up the loose, sagging skin, whilst also being a warm and relaxing treatment.

We are consistently achieving amazing results for both men and women with this treatment, so if you’re looking for skin tightening in Hertfordshire, the Venus freeze treatment is perfect for you.

This treatment can be used as a one-off beauty session, suitable for those who are going to a special occasion or a wedding and want to look their best, or more commonly as a course of treatments.

What happens during a Venus Freeze facial treatment?

The Venus freeze facial treatment begins with an initial consultation to identify and analyse your skin type and which areas of the body would most benefit from the treatment.

A special gel is then applied to your face, which helps to protect the skin from the heat of the applicator. The applicator is then placed onto the areas of sagging skin and heats it up. This relaxing and totally painless treatment lasts for approximately 40 minutes, depending on the amount of skin you wish to treat and the condition of your skin.

If your skin is deemed to be dry once the treatment is completed, we will also undertake a quick session of LED light therapy, helping to rehydrate and soften the skin.

Venus Freeze to help with weight loss

Although used as a “laser” skin tightening facial it is also recommended to be used on areas of the body where one is looking for weight and inch loss. Its magnetic pulse helps stimulate the fat cells to help the weight loss whilst at the same time smooth and tighten the area being treated.
For those who have undertaken a course of laser fat removal, the Venus freeze is the perfect choice to combine with.

Venus Freeze Skin Tightening before and after

Venus Freeze Treatment Before Photos - Face & Neck | BeauSynergy


Venus Freeze – face & neck

Venus Freeze Treatment After Photos - Face & Neck | BeauSynergy


Venus Freeze Treatment Before Photos - Stomach | BeauSynergy


Venus Freeze – stomach

Venus Freeze Treatment After Photos - Stomach | BeauSynergy


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