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80% of results are visible within two weeks

Daily activities can be resumed straight after treatment

One to three treatments only

Eliminating fat deposits permanently on all areas of the body

What is Fat Freezing?

Nowadays Fat Freezing or even non-invasive body contouring are the most commonly used terms for non-surgical liposuction fat removal treatments.  They are an integral part of LipoContrast technology. Fat Freezing is non-invasive (no surgery) and known medically as Cryolipolysis which uses controlled cooling (Freezing) to target and kill isolated fat cells in areas of fat on the body that are stubborn and very difficult to remove. In the weeks that follow the treatment,  your body will naturally process the fat and eliminate the dead cells forever.

fat freezing in hertfordshire with laser fat removal

Expected results with Fat Freezing / Body Contouring.

If you are looking to have stubborn pockets of fat removed that have previously been impossible to shift through strict dieting on exercise, then LipoContrast “laser fat removal” is the only way. You are left with a more attractive, toned appearance with no unwanted flab and fat cells that are eliminated permanently. The fat loss treatment works best on areas such as the belly / tummy / abdomen / muffin tops / flanks / back / thighs / arms / legs / chin and even “moobs”. This non-invasive body contouring solution is known as one of the best and most innovative ways to rapidly remove fat permanently without the need for a knife.

Why is LipoContrast different and better?

LipoContrast has taken the normal non-surgical fat loss procedure and tweaked it so it produces more effective and quicker results than the normal technology used by its competitors. Now using Triple Thermal Shock, it is an effective and affordable way to remove unwanted fat from isolated areas of the body.

What results can you expect from the non-surgical Lipo?

The effect produced is almost immediate as some of the targeted fat cells are immediately disabled and the others over just 3 – 4 weeks. Depending on the adipose tissue thickness and the desired result – 1 to 3 sessions will be necessary with an interval of approximately 4 weeks between each one. LipoContrast non-invasive body contouring is performed at our Hertfordshire clinic and is known as a quicker Fat Freezing Liposuction, Laser Fat Removal alternative. Each session is 60 minutes.


How effective is LipoContrast Fat Freezing and is it Safe?

LipoContrast delivers rapid results by heating (10mins, cooling (30 mins) and heating (10mins) the fat cells. Up to 33% of the treated fat tissue in each stubborn area will be eliminated in just one treatment as it gradually breaks down through the metabolic system.  Up to an absolute maximum of just three treatments is needed in any area, depending on the adipose severity. Typical daily activities can be resumed straight after treatment, including returning to work and exercise regimes.

It is totally safe, FDA regulated, developed and produced in Spain and distributed by Cryosthetics. There is minimal pain or discomfort and is generally recognised as thoroughly relaxing.

Fat Freezing Fat Loss TreatmentHow does the laser fat removal in Hertfordshire work?

Following your consultation and agreement to proceed you will lie on the couch while we make preparations. The treatment area is cleansed and the conductive gel is applied to the area. The head of the machine is then placed on the isolated area to be treated. Over the next 15 minutes, you will feel different sensations of very safe heating, cooling and heating of the necessary fat cells through the machine head. After one hour (during which time you can relax with your personal devices) the treatment will be over. It’s that simple!

When will you see results of the Body Contouring treatment?

Immediately after the treatment with the LipoContrast non-surgical Liposuction, there will be thermal shock where some fat cells are immediately disabled and will carry on being eliminated within a few days. The other cells will enter into severe apotheosis phase and will themselves be progressively eliminated within just a few weeks.

Body Contouring

Diane before and after one treatment, 3 areas

What should you do after your treatment?

The results on the treated areas are dramatic and permanent. Unlike other laser lipo machines, where the technology is very different, once the fat is removed by 33%, it stays removed. However, in order to keep the fat away, it is always recommended that you maintain a calorie controlled diet and exercise regularly in order to stop new fat cells from being produced.

Testimonials of LipoContrast

I lost 1.7 inches on my lower abdomen with no dieting and no weight loss courses. I am now looking forward to my next session to see more results – Amanda Blamey

My double chin was always an area of dislike, no matter how much weight I lost. I was thrilled when hearing about LipoContrast and am even more thrilled with my results. I would highly recommend this treatment as it’s pain-free and non-invasive – Joel Masters

I had my first session of LipoContrast and loved it. It was nice to be able to lie down and relax. A great experience all round that will get rid of my post pregnancy baby bump. I can’t wait until my next session – Jodie Jay Davis

“Laser” fat removal / non-surgical Liposuction using Fat Freezing in Herts

  • It is faster and superior in fat reduction compared to Lipo and normal cryolysis procedures.
  • It avoids traumatic experiences of invasive methods of surgical Liposuction.
  • It prevents contiguous tissue damage that occurs with radio-frequency, ultrasounds or lasers.
  • 80% of results are visible within two weeks.

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