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What is a Non-surgical Face lift?

As we age, our facial muscles and skin begin to lose definition and elasticity, and many seek out slightly invasive quick fix treatments like Botox Botulinum Toxin or more dramatic instant solutions like a face lift surgical procedure. However there are cheaper and more natural looking alternatives to give your skin the “lift” and definition youthful look you were after.

With our “Ultimate” advanced facial toning system, we can give you an effective face lift without surgery. This system works by sending a small electrical current through two metallic ball probes which are placed around different areas of the face. This tenses and stimulates the underlying muscles, giving them a small but effective “workout”.

After a course of non-surgical face lift treatment, your facial muscles, and the skin on top will be lifted, firmer, smoother, and brighter.

What happens during a Face lift without surgery?

By talking to our skin care experts during our in-depth consultations, we can decide on the best course of treatment for your needs and which areas of your face you’d like to improve the appearance of. We usually prepare the skin with a small facial or cream before using the facial toning system equipment. Thanks to the small electrical micro-current used, the treatment has minimal discomfort and to a certain degree can be relaxing.

The “Ultimate” non-surgical experience in Hertfordshire.

The “Ultimate experience” is our red carpet non-surgical face lift treatment and includes the regular treatment, plus dead skin removal and an oxygen infusion facial giving your skin a smooth, glowing look.

Once a full course of  the “experience” has been completed, you’ll have tighter, firmer, and smoother looking skin that lasts.

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