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Micro-Needling Dermaroller or EDS Dermastamp

Micro-Needling Dermaroller or the EDS Dermastamp are effective ways of treating and transforming your skin in just up to 3 sessions by stimulating the production of collagen, helping the skin to regenerate itself naturally. Micro-Needling Dermaroller will ‘significantly improve’ the appearance of lines and wrinkles on

  •  your face
  •  above the mouth/lips
  •  décolleté.
  •  stretch marks
  •  acne
  •  pigmentation

How Does Micro-Needling (Dermaroller) Work?

About thirty minutes before your procedure, your skin is numbed with a topical anaesthetic. Once numb, the Dermaroller is moved backwards and forwards over your face or body, depending on the areas to be treated. The treatment takes around 30 minutes. You may find the pain slightly uncomfortable but the long-term results can be outstanding.

micro-needling dermaroller hertfordshire

What is the Dermaroller?

The Dermaroller is made up of a small, solid wheel attached to a little stick that is covered with hundreds of minuscule ‘micro-medical’ needles that penetrate the skin, creating lots of tiny ‘wounds’. Your skin responds by producing extra collagen to ‘heal’ the punctures and plump up the skin to enhance the natural blood supply – so you get a natural ‘glow’.

Why is a Dermaroller Treatment so Important?

By the age of 50, most men and women have lost almost 50% of their collagen. Collagen is the vital component within the skin that keeps the skin plump and gives the look of life. Micro-Needling Dermaroller treatments within the Hertfordshire clinic, puncture the skin, causing it to effectively traumatise. This kicks starts the skin to want to produce new collagen and new healthy skin cells which replace the dying ones which have become prominent in older age.

EDS Rejuvenate (Dermastamp)

EDS Rejuvenate is an advanced, electronic, micro-needling treatment, a procedure that stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally, resulting in smoother, brighter, younger and healthier-looking skin.

Professional skin-needling is an established clinically proven procedure and has remarkable results in significantly improving the appearance of:

  • Acne scars
  • Photo-damaged & ageing skin
  • Facial and décolleté lines and wrinkles
  • Stretch marks

And because skin needling stimulates natural responses in the skin, the results you’ll see are completely natural too.

How Does EDS Rejuvenate Work?

The EDS Rejuvenate treatment is an electronic, micro-needling procedure that produces thousands of micro-needle columns in the skin, which in turn stimulates the skin to naturally generate and repair itself. As part of this stimulation new collagen can be formed, new cells generated and the structure of the dermis, the lower level of the skin, enhanced.

EDS Rejuvenate Dermastamp

The Procedure

The EDS Rejuvenate procedure has a good comfort level, however, this will normally be made more so as we will numb your skin using a topical anesthetic beforehand. We will then use the eDermastamp to produce thousands of micro-medical needle columns in the skin and a serum will also be used to help the handpiece glide on the skin. The treatment will take around 60 minutes, depending on the area being treated. Immediately after your EDS Rejuvenate treatment, you will look as though you have moderate sunburn, and your skin may feel warmer and tighter than you practitioner may apply a post-procedure product.

Our skin therapists may suggest a course of EDS Rejuvenate treatments depending on the condition being treated, but expect at least three treatments with approximately 6 weeks apart.


Tracey using EDS Dermastamp for sun damage

Is there any pre, or post treatment advice?

You should avoid any potentially irritating skincare products at least 3 days prior to your treatment. You should then avoid intensive UV exposure and artificial exposure for at least 2 weeks after your procedure. It is important that you use a high-level broad spectrum UVB|UVA sun protectant on a daily basis during this period, even in winter and on cloudy days.

Once the redness has cleared following an EDS the procedure, it is important that the skin is cared for on an ongoing daily basis with an effective anti-ageing regime. The BeauSynergy specialists will recommend a regime most suitable for you, which will also help maintain the results.

What Results Can You Expect?

After your procedure, you can expect a significant improvement in your skin’s texture and tone. The results may take a little time to show, this could be up to 3 months. Rest assured that the results you see over time will look natural and be long lasting

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