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Advanced men’s skin treatments in Hertfordshire and north London.

By focusing on men’s skin treatments we are able to satisfy those disconcerting males that feel uncomfortable going to your average beauty salon. At the BeauSynergy skin clinic we are serious about resolving skin issues for both women and men in the comfort of a more Laser / Paramedical type beauty salon.

Men’s Skin Treatments and Male Grooming examples

Whether you are a woman, man or teenager we have a skin treatment suitable for you; performed in comfortable relaxed, happy surrounding. At BeauSynergy, we look after men who wish to make a difference to the way their skin looks and feels. So they may have worries about men’s acne, rosacea, blackheads, pimples, oily pores, wrinkles, fine lines, thread veins, skin tags, blood spots, milia, permanent hair removal, laser tattoo removal and more. With a skin consultation and a treatment that may involve laser or a paramedical facial, we have the answers to produce the skin desired.


Facial skin peels for men

Men enjoy some Pampering, just as much …..

Gone are the days when it was felt that it was just the ladies that deserved some time out, relaxation and pampering. If it’s good enough for ladies, then it’s good enough for men. Not really a skin treatment for me, a little pampering certainly falls in the category of male grooming. The skin therapists will have a look at the man’s skin and decide the best men’s facial. They will want to get the skin looking as bright, clean and fresh as possible while the man relaxes to a variety of unisex music.


men’s facials

The more Advanced Skin Treatments for Men

Nowadays many men are concerned about their wellbeing , which may be their diet, exercise, hair or skin. Although men are happy to buy the products advertised in shops and online , they are more reluctant to come for treatments. This has now changed. At BeauSynergy we offer serious men’s skin treatments such as laser tattoo removal, men’s camouflage makeup for total body coverage, laser hair removal, male waxing, acne treatment, thread vein removal, wart removal, skin tag removal , Botox, Dermal Fillers and much more.


Where can a Man get Treatments for his Skin and Male Grooming?

Come to our advanced beauty clinic just a mile or so from north London in Hertfordshire. There is easy access from the trains from London and Welwyn Garden City as we are close to Hatfield, Potters Bar, St Albans and surrounding villages.

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