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A more permanent solution to unwanted hair with IPL laser hair removal

Approved by the FDA with CE medical certificates, our IPL laser hair removal treatment uses an intense variable beam of light to target and produce the long -term removal of  both hairs and hair follicles on any area of the body.

Used on both men and women in Hertfordshire and north London, the IPL “laser” permanent hair removal is just as effective at removing unwanted hair as shaving or waxing is. Depending on the speed of your hair growth the success can be permanent after just one treatment or last a few weeks before requiring another session.

Unlike many other IPL machines we can have the technology to treat darker skin tones for the permanent removal of hair. All our IPL laser hair removal treatments are generally painless, and any discomfort felt is very minor (3 out of 10).

Areas covered on both men and women are facial hair removal areas like the lip, chin, brows and cheeks as well as the body areas like the arms, armpits, back, legs, feet, bikini line, Brazilian and Hollywood.


What can I expect during a laser hair removal treatment?

Following a patch test, you would have your first consultation where we discuss which areas of your body you’d like the hairs permanently removed from. Once you agree to proceed, we will ensure that your skin has no negative reactions to the laser and that the permanent hair removal treatment is for you to undergo.

If no reaction has occurred, we then apply a cooling gel to the area which boosts the effectiveness of the laser, whilst offering additional protection to the skin.

The laser applicator is then placed onto the skin and a series of pulsed light beams remove the hairs. This can feel like an elastic band lightly slapping the skin, but is generally painless.

After any trimming has taken place and the laser has been used, we remove the cooling gel and replace it with a cooling Aloe Vera gel to help moisturise the skin.


What is IPL laser Hair removal?

The IPL hair removal technology uses controlled pulses of laser or light to remove unwanted hair quickly and effectively. Specific wavelengths are absorbed by melanin, which is the pigment found in your hair. This produces heat which damages the follicle and its ability to regenerate. With each pulse of light, many hundreds of hair follicles are treated. This is an extremely fast and effective way to provide long-term solutions to unwanted hair.

Your hairs that have been treated will fall out naturally over a period of one to three weeks leaving your skin feeling smooth and looking silky for many many months. Perfect!

Where do clients come from for Permanent Hair removal?

BeauSynergy have been performing permanent hair removal treatment using laser hair removal as part of their treatment options within the clinic since 2008. We have successfully helped change people’s lives who have come from throughout Hertfordshire including Hatfield, Potters Bar, Welwyn Garden City, Barnet, St Albans, London Colney and Cheshunt.

Laser Hair removal north London reviews

“I had a course of permanent hair removal with Jacqui at BeauSynergy, which could have been embarrassing, but she made me feel totally at ease and comfortable. The permanent hair removal treatment has been amazing. No more painful waxing or uncomfortable time-consuming shaving. I’m so happy with the results and would recommend this treatment to anyone of any age” – Susie Godfrey

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