Danné DMK Skin Treatments in Herts and London

Danné is one of the leaders in skin care treatments and their unique combinations allow us a number of different treatment packages to solve a variety of skin problems.

If you suffer from:

  • Acne
  • Sun Damage
  • Pigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Open Pores
  • Premature Ageing & Fine Lines
  • In-growing Hairs

Then Danné DMK skin revision treatments would be ideal to dramatically improve your skin. Just take a look at the video review below from ‘Dawn’ and you will see just how effective Danne DMK is at resolving skin issues.

Each Danné treatment is blended specifically for your skin type. Since each person’s skin is unique, their treatment must be too.

Danné DMK is truly amazing, but what can it do for you?

Danné DMK has been at the very forefront of what we do at BeauSynergy since we were introduced to it in 2008. We continue to use the products and treatments due to the incredible success from those clients who stick to the plan that’s tailor made for their skin.

The treatment starts with an initial consultation, analysis and scan with one of our advanced skin specialists, where we can identify the symptoms and causes of your skin conditions and so decide on the best treatment plan and a home care regime that will best suit your skin requirements.


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Danne DMK Treatments at a Glance

Procedure Time

Up to 90mins

Sensitivity Time

Up to 14 days

Full Recovery


Back on your Feet



Full results may take up to 3 months

Number of Treatments

A course may be recommend at 6 weekly intervals


Local Anaesthetic Cream

Results Duration

2-3 Years

Potential Risks

Avoid UV for at least 14 days after treatment

Danne DMK Treatments – Before and After Pictures

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Client Reviews

“Danne treatments and products have made a huge improvement to the appearance and feel of my skin. When other people comment, you know the difference is real – my skin is smoother, plumper and tighter as a result of the treatments and regular use of the products, despite my sensitive skin. Because My skin looks younger I feel a lot more confident. I have never used skin products that have been so consistently effective.”

Susie Godfrey

“I’ve been having Danne DMK treatment for a year now and Jacqui is just brilliant. She’s just so knowledgeable, and I love that she is never pushy when it comes to recommending products or complementary treatments. She’s kind enough to always give me samples of products to try before I commit to spending. A really professional and friendly salon!”

Jodie K

“My skin feels fresher and much more hydrated. Jacqui was very welcoming and explained my treatment to me very clearly. My skin feels fresher and much more hydrated after one treatment! Very pleased.”

Katie M

“Have never had a better experience when it comes to skincare in my life! Great visit as usual. So happy you introduced me to DMK. Have never had a better experience when it comes to skincare in my life!”

Melanie K

“I’m getting married this August and I have been on Danne Skin Revision for nearly a year and I couldn’t be prouder to see everyone on my wedding day with my stunning lovely smooth skin”.

Dawn S

Danne DMK Treatment Prices

Prices start from £97.50

What you should do now:

    1. If you are serious about repairing your skin – the starting point for any Danne DMK treatment is to have a 40 min consultation with an experienced skin expert. This consultation will include a thorough skin analysis, patch test and a skin scan. The fee for this advanced consultation is £25, which will be deducted of any Danne DMK treatment you may book.
    2. To book a consultation? Click here

Therapists & Clinic Awards

Our skin therapists have over 25 years experience in the skincare industry.

Beausynergy are winners of the “What Clinic 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018” for Customer Service. So you are in the best possible and safest hands. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Danne DMK

How does Danne DMK treat in-growing hairs & folliculitis?

In-growing hair / Folliculitis: This is where the hair follicle has caused inflammation which is clearly shown by red raised bumps or papules. The in-grown hairs are the result of a process inside the hair follicle that has been causing the blockages which has trapped bacteria and possibly caused inflammation and infection.

We would resolve the the Folliculitis condition with Danné DMK which would dissolve the hair and the build up of dead cells. This then causes the follicle to be released, the infection is halted and the skin strengthened. Because of this the inflammation and redness will be significantly reduced.

We would be looking at treatments that would possibly include melanoplex drops, beta gel, retosin, hydra louffa and transdermal sunblock.

How does Danne DMK help improve premature ageing?

Premature Ageing is the loss of the skin’s structure, plumpness, bounce and often shown as fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging skin or sun spots. Exposure to the suns UV rays diminishes collagen levels as well as elastin thereby changing the structure of the cell, which in turn shows itself as damage and ageing on the outside.

Danné fixes the damaged skin tissues by matching the bodies natural skin chemistry. We  rebuild and leave the way open for the skin’s optimal function. We eradicate the damaging skin ageing by strengthening the skin’s matrix. We then encourage the skin to function like younger and more healthy skin.

The treatment for premature ageing skin and sun damage could be enzyme therapy,pro peel, liquid laser,pro-alpha six layer peel, muscle banding, A lift (before and after).
Our products would include milk cleanser, vit c serum, beta gel,seba-e, herb & mineral mist, betagen creme, nite firming creme and retosin.

How does Danne DMK help improve open pores?

Open Pores : Will typically develop through blocked pores due to lack of available water levels in the skin. Dead cell build up that stick to the top of the skin and bung up inside the follicle.

We resolve the “open pore” issue with the Danné DMK pore reduction treatment which cleans out the pores and gently exfoliating the dead, and now useless, cell build up. It is now possible for the water levels to increase which in turn means that “open pores” are less visible and correct functionality resumes.

The treatment for “open pores” would almost certainly be enzyme therapy, sebum soak, hydradermaze and pro alpha 1 occlusion.
Our products would include beta gel, acu creme, herb and mineral mist, deep pore cleanser and transdermal sunblock.

How does Danne DMK treatments improve Acne?

Acne: Initially the skin needs to be stabilised in order to regulate the issues that are developing the acne condition. This is done by removing the blockages within the ducts and regulating the oil flow and the turnover of cells. However all patients conditions are different and so we create a bespoke treatment plan and home care regime that may be different for each individual to remove and reduce the acne and prevent recurrence.

We would be looking at treatments for acne such to include Sebum Soak, Quick Peel, Pro Alpha and Enzyme Therapy.

What results can I expect?

Truly amazing and life changing results. Having poor skin can really affect your self confidence, just imagine what it would be like to have good skin? Results take time, just look at the video of Dawn – it took her nearly 12 months to rid her face of acne, but she now looks absolutely amazing as a result of Danne DMK treatments.

How do I book a consultation?

If you are ready to book a consultation – Click here

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