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Using CryoLift  “Cool Lift Gun” as an advanced total skin rejuvenation facial, BeauSynergy are leading the way as the innovative most clinic across Hertfordshire, north London and the UK.
This revolutionary twist to decades-old theory has been working wonders on both men and ladies within the clinic since 2015. This latest technology in Cryotherapy targets the signs of facial skin ageing and is wonderfully relaxing and completely painless.
This remarkably successful treatment brings instant results as a one-off treatment although a course is recommended.

How does the Cryotherapy CryoLift treatment work?

The Cryotherapy technology uses a CO2 flow at very high pressure and an active serum at a low temperature.  The combination of the two induces collagen and elastin formation which results in a dramatic improvement of the tone and texture of the skin.


This is Margaret (above) who was happy to be photographed and featured in the video above which shows off the incredible results of her treatment with the “cool lifting gun” CryoLift at BeauSynergy.

This is what another client (Debbie E) had to say –  I have completed a course of CryoLift facials & the results have been amazing. My skin, lines, wrinkles and general appearance has improved greatly. On a recent flight, I was seated next to a makeup artist, unknown to me, who kept staring at me and said – she just had to comment on how great my skin was. What strange potion am I taking as I am looking younger! As I am in my mid-fifties all of these comments are extremely welcome and they have been unprompted. So I hugely recommend the CryoLift facials.  

CryoliftBeauSynergy can significantly reduce Acne Scarring

At BeauSynergy we understand skin and we understand the technology behind the Cool Lifting Gun treatment (CryoLift) and so we thought we would see if the principles of hydrating and plumping out the skin would help with acne scarring. The results have been remarkable as you can see. The best results are on “box or pitted acne scarring”. The client in the photo was obviously over the moon with his course of treatments.       


We are also getting great results on other areas of the body like the chin and neck area. The area under the chin and around the neck can often lose elastin and collagen and the CryoLift system from BeauSynergy has made a significant difference in that area too. See the before and after photos of the neck area of another of our clients.

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