Treating Skin Tags, Blood Spots or Milia
24 September 2021

Treating Skin Tags, Blood Spots or Milia

At BeauSynergy we take all skin conditions and skin problems very seriously, which is what makes us the number one skin and beauty salon in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. As well as anti-aging treatments, safe, permanent hair removal and other aspects of beauty, we cover more complex skin condition removal procedures. In particular, we are able to treat skin tags, blood spots or Milia. If you suffer with any of these conditions then don’t hesitate to contact us or drop into our beauty salon near Potters Bar. One of our fully qualified therapists will give you a consultation which will take you through the removal process, downtime and skincare.


Milia can affect people of any age, including babies and children. Sometimes itchy, Milia resembles tiny, raised milky spots on your skin. They are white or pale yellow and usually appear on the cheeks, eyelids, around the eyes and on the forehead. Milia are filled with keratin, which is the body’s own protein found in hair, skin and nails. Sometimes they clear up on their own without needing any treatment but other times they might need a helping hand. The likelihood is that if you have Milia, it is called Primary Milia, but if your skin has been through an injury or severe damage, Milia can also appear due to damage to your sweat glands – this is called Secondary Milia. There are two other types of Milia, starting with Milia en Plaque, which appears on raised skin behind the ears, on the cheeks or around the jaw – middle-age women are prone to this type. There is also Multiple Eruptive Milia – a rare form which appears in clusters on the face, trunk and upper arms.

If you suspect you have Milia and want Milia treatment at our skin clinic near St Albans, then it’s important to understand which type you have. For example, if it is Milia en Plaque you might need a skin biopsy and should seek a doctor. Other Milia will not need any investigation, but if it persists it’s a good idea to get it dealt with at the skin clinic. While most Milia go away eventually, Secondary Milia is far more stubborn to get rid of, which is why BeauSynergy can help with removal.

Please never try and remove Milia yourself because you could infect the area and cause scarring. At our skin treatment centre in Hertfordshire, our skin specialists are all highly qualified in the removal of Milia. We use CyroPen, which is a painless procedure with no need for anaesthetic and gives superb results. No matter what your skin tone or skin colour, CryoPen is the best for Milia removal. It freezes the area in question using Nitrous Oxide and safely bursts the spots on the skin without destroying healthy tissue around the area. It is fast, safe and cost-effective.

Blood Spots

The technical name for blood spots is Purpura, which is a condition that resembles purple spots on the skin. The reason some people suffer from Purpura is because small blood vessels burst and blood pools beneath the skin, which creates the spots. Some spots are very small and almost unnoticeable, but others are much larger – sometimes forming purple patches on the skin. These little red spots are normally nothing to worry about, but sometimes it could be the sign of an underlying problem, so it is worth getting it examined if you have concerns. Blood spots can also be known as Campbell de Morgan or Cherry Angiomas and can be hereditary or an indication of a lack of Vitamin C. Therefore, it’s a good idea to increase your intake of fruit and vegetables and perhaps take a supplement as long as you’ve discussed this with your GP.

The best way to treat these conditions is with CryoPen. At BeauSynergy we have found the treatment to be quick and with very little pain. The results are exceptional with no downtime. The affected area is rapidly frozen by the CryoPen, which therefore ruptures the skin’s membrane and drains the blood. Using CryoPen means there is no risk of scarring, infection or trauma to healthy tissue surrounding the blood spot area.

Skin Tags

The technical name for skin tags is Acrochordons, which are pieces of skin that literally hang off areas of the body such as the neck, armpit, groin, breast area, eyelids and anus. Sometimes they are skin coloured, but they can also be brown. They are extremely common – most people experience them at some point in life and they are completely harmless. Interestingly, they are more common with middle-aged and elderly people but pregnancy can bring on skin tags due to hormonal changes.

As they are harmless, GP’s and Doctors in general no longer offer the removal of skin tags, so if you’re looking for skin tag removal in Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City or Potters Bar, then BeauSynergy is the place to come to.

Please don’t try and remove skin tags yourself because you could cause an infection and you run the risk of scarring. We use CryoPen for the removal of skin tags due to the speed, accuracy, minimal discomfort and lack of downtime. The treatment freezes the skin tag area using Nitrous Oxide causing the skin tag to drop off, safely and painlessly.

For further information on the removal of Milia, blood spots and skin tags in Hertfordshire, contact BeauSynergy on 01707 662 477. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation for these treatments.

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