Thread Veins on the Face. A Problem Easily Dealt With.
29 September 2021

Thread Veins on the Face. A problem easily dealt with.

Even those with healthy skin and even healthier lifestyles can find themselves waking up to little veins appearing on their face.  But these thread veins on the face are a problem to many but are easy to deal with. These tiny veins although harmless, can cause embarrassment to many leaving them to cover up and hide their skin. Fret not, ridding yourself of these pesky veins can be as simple as making a phone call.

Spider Veins

Facial thread veins may also be referred to as Spider Veins, broken capillaries or the medical name of Telangiectasia. These veins are tiny blood vessels that are found under the dermal layer of skin and become visible and dilated. They will start small and red, possibly becoming larger with a change in colour. Men and women of any age can find themselves affected but those with a higher chance typically have the genetics which is the biggest influencer. Hormones, Rosacea and even sun damage can cause these tiny veins to appear once aggravated.


Using a safe and clinically proven treatment that works instantly and effectively, Thermavein®can produce long lasting results.  Launched in 2012 the thermo-coagulation process has the ability to seal the vein’s walls for permanent results. Treating the face solely using light through a fine needle placed over the veins, our clients can expect their treatment lasting between 5 – 20 minutes with minimal pain and discomfort. If the area is too large, overly red or sore, clients are asked to return to give their skin a break from any irritation.

Known Causes of Thread Veins on the Face

This article in the Daily Mail discusses what Medical Experts believe to be alot of the causes of thread veins thread veins on the face.

Medical experts are still baffled as to what causes thread veins, but they have identified some common triggers.

  • Female hormones, like oestrogen
  • If you are pregnant, taking the Pill
  • You may inherit them
  • Obesity
  • Too much sunbathing
  • Skin thinning products containing alpha-hydroxy acids or AHAs
  • Drinking too much weakens the Collagen
  • Spicy foods and Caffeine

Are you ready to find that clearer, radiant looking skin again? Give BeauSynergy, the advanced skin and laser clinic in Hertfordshire, a call and set up your facial thread vein free consultation.

How can I Prevent Thread Veins?

Medical experts such as Dr Richard Motley stress these things you must do to try and prevent the onset or increase in facial thread veins.

  • Try and stay out of the sun or at least wear SPF 50 at all times
  • Not to wash your face with very hot or very cold water
  • Resist brushing your face on wet skin as it dilates the blood vessels boosting blood flow
  • Grapes contain anti-oxidants which strengthen and help connective tissue to build
  • Vitamins C, E and K are all essential for maintaining great skin health

If you wish to understand more about preventing thread veins on the face or wish to book a free consultion or appointment do contact BeauSynergy. As clinic leaders in Hertfordshire for the treatment of thread veins on the face and other skin conditions, you will be in safe hands.



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