The Top 5 Natural Skincare Tips You Need to Know for Winter
29 September 2021

While of course going into direct sunlight without sun-screen is a no-no, light exposure with the right protections is actually very good for maintaining healthy skin. Sunlight contains crucial vitamin D and even antibacterial properties, that can help create strong and radiant skin. In the winter months, however, when the days are growing shorter, it can be more difficult to get the light our bodies crave. So there is a need to get outdoors at for at least 20 minutes per day, even when it is cloudy. However, always remember to use the correct SPF (minimum 30), such as the award-winning, skin comforting, paraben-free, natural Heliocare.

If you’re experiencing dull or unhealthy looking winter skin, you might want to consider solutions such as LED light therapy, which creates bouncy and hydrated skin through the power of light. At BeauSynergy they are committed to providing you with the benefits of Dermalux natural light even in the darker months.

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