The Lowdown on Blood Spots and How To Treat Them
29 September 2021

Blood Spots and How to Remove Them

As we get older, our skin goes through many changes and some odd things start to crop up. One of these things is blood spots. In this article, we are going to discuss what you need to know about blood spots, and how to treat them should you want to.

What is a Blood Spot?

Blood spots, or Campbell de Morgan spots look like small pimples but are bright red ranging to purple. The different colour is because of an abnormal proliferation of blood vessels.

A blood spot is one of the most common Angiomas and is often also referred to as a Cherry Angioma. It consists of bunches of blood capillaries that collect at the skins surface which give the dome like appearance. The size of blood spots can vary depending on how old they are. When they first appear, they can be really small and may also appear flat. As they grow larger, they also get thicker and more dome like. Although they aren’t usually anything to worry about, if they are knocked, cherry Angiomas can bleed excessively because of the blood capillaries being so close to the skins surface.

Although they generally appear spontaneously, the elderly are the most effected by blood spots although why they develop altogether is still unknown.

Like other skin conditions such as skin tags and warts, many people choose to have blood spots removed for aesthetic reasons, and luckily the procedure is fairly simple.

How do you Remove Blood Spots?

The Thermavein system is the preferred method for the removal of blood spots or Cherry Angiomas. It is quick, minimally invasive, almost completely painless and is incredibly effective. During the procedure the Thermavein needle is pointed onto the base of the blood spot. Then a high burst of heat is let off from the Thermavein needle which kills off the blood cells, therefore putting a stop to the blood supply in that immediate area. You can expect the blood spot to fall off within a couple of days, leaving that area of skin looking absolutely perfect.

Can Doctors Remove Blood Spots?

It used to be the case that doctors could remove Blood Spots in their practices through the NHS. It is very unlikely that your local GP will perform blood spot removal as they consider it to be a cosmetic treatment. As such they should seek out a local skin clinic who would have fully qualified specialists to carry out this quick non-surgical treatment.

If you have some blood spots and are considering having them removed, BeauSynergy is the preferred option locally in Hertfordshire to perform the quick treatment. However, it is important to always make sure that the skin clinic or beauty salon that you wish to use to remove the blood spots, are fully qualified with a strong reputation in customer and patient care.

BeauSynergy can offer a free 5 minute consultation for blood spots and then should you require to proceed, then they will do it there and then. Remember, Thermavein is used throughout London using the exact same processes and yet can cost almost three times as much as BeauSynergy. Paying more does not mean a better service, better care of better results.

Skincare is what they do and they do it well!

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