It was easy to park at the clinic, I was given a cup of tea on arrival and the process (ThermaVein) was clearly explained to me, though I had already done a lot of research on the subject. Everybody was very polite and I felt very comfortable. The treatment only took a few minutes and I was warned in advance that I may need two sessions. It was a strange feeling as, being a man, I am not used to cosmetic stuff. My nose felt warm afterwards but I saw an immediate improvement. Within a couple of hours the nose was feeling virtually normal but I was given some soothing healing jelly to apply when I felt I needed it. The nose felt quite dry so I have applied the jelly a few times as it moisturises and cools my nose. It was excellent service and I don’t think it could be improved. I found Beau Synergy by googling ‘Red vein’ and it was the You Tube film and the fact this salon has won awards that made me make an appointment – the travel time of 45 minutes (34 miles) was not an issue.