On my first visit. I had my skin anaysised. I was given a few samples because I had mentioned that my skin reacts really easily to products. I used them and I was so impressed, there was no reaction. I had a noticeable glowing skin. A 19 year old waitress commented on how my skin looked lovely and glowing. ( I am 52 years old ) Anyway, I made an appointment to have a bio peel treatment, with the LED. I felt nervous, just the thought of the peel, but it was wonderful, slight sting at the beginning, then it went after about a minute, but I was told that it might happen. Well after my treatment, my skin improved day, by day. Other people have noticed the difference and, there was only a bit of flaky skin, but only was there for 24 hours. You could not really notice it at all. Looked like a little bit of dry skin. I am so looking forward to my second treatment. My skin looks more even toned, open pores seem less and I had a few pimples, which looks like most of them have gone. I am so impressed, with the products and the therapists.