Stay In Shape All Day Long With A Macom Waist Trainer
24 September 2021

We’re excited to share with you how waist trainers and shapewear garments can help you look your best, boost weight loss and aid in your overall health and wellbeing.

If you’re working on getting in better shape or want a smooth appearance under your clothes, garments like waist trainers can give a real added boost and can help you achieve better results.

All Day Body Sculpting Garments

There are quite a few different Macom shapewear pieces that can help with challenge areas, especially around your back and your tummy. The Wonder Suit, for example, controls annoying bra roll and even boosts lymphatic drainage.

The different varieties of slimming compression shorts are great for added bum and tum shaping – areas which many of us find need all the help they can get! The Ultimate Sculptor also tones abs, smooths the upper back and aids in overall fat reduction and any waist trainer garment in the line is perfect for helping lose those inches!

There are several different pieces of Macom shapewear but the one we are especially fans of is the Waist Sculptor,  a highly effective compression corset. With adjustable eye hook fastening and boning, it helps to cinch in and flatten your tummy. Finally, you can help train your body to maintain that perfect hourglass shape you’ve been after!

Waist Trainer technology in Potters Bar

Originally designed for medical purposes, think of this waist trainer as the perfect accompaniment to your favourite little black dress. It works with your memory to instantly transform your figure, is safe to wear every day and entirely seamless under your clothes.

Try the Shapewear at BeauSynergy in Hertfordshire 

When you buy shapewear and waist trainer garments in the Hatfield clinic it has the remarkable benefit of helping you look smooth, toned, and slender under your clothes. Whether to shine in your dress or look more slender in jeans and t-shirt, you will look great and feel comfortable all day while fighting the flab.

An added boost To look your best

As well as helping you look great and feel comfortable, we love the Macom body-sculpting wear because it can also help you make the most of your efforts at the gym. Think of it as an added boost for your hard work!

Fat can be hard to beat – especially as we get older – so why not attack it in every way possible? Macom’s compression garments are powerful tools to help slim and sculpt. They’re good enough to help you decrease your dress size on their own, but function even better when paired with exercise.

Try Waist Trainers with Fat Freezing

What’s more, you may also want to try an innovative Venus Freeze skin tightening treatment or fat loss treatment to complement your use of shaping undergarments. Make the most of your efforts and you’ll look your best thanks to the treatments and garments available at our salon in Brookmans Park.

Compression Cycling Shorts For The Gym

One of the best pieces of body sculpting wear are the cycling shorts from Macom. They’re supportive at the gym, improve lymphatic drainage and can even help relieve menopausal symptoms.

Comfortable to wear with your best workout gear, there are even options of a normal or high waist depending on what you’re looking to tone and what feels most comfortable for you to wear.

Leading stockists of Shapewear

Come to Beausynergy in Hatfield and take a look at our wide range of shapewear, waist sculptors and compression garments. Our expert staff can help find the pieces best suited to you, for whatever your toning needs are.

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