Skin Troubles – Is It Acne Or Rosacea?
24 September 2021

Do you have red, bumpy, painful skin? Is it hard to treat or causing you stress? You may be wondering what’s going on and how you can get back to normal as quickly as possible – especially if you aren’t sure what you’re dealing with.

Is it Acne or Rosacea?

When skin flares up, many of us automatically assume it’s acne, but that’s not always the case. In fact, you should ask yourself whether it could be acne or rosacea, another skin condition that’s more common than many of us realise.

It Might be Acne

Acne and rosacea often look similar, but there are different characteristics that are crucial to recognise.

As well as red bumps and irritation, people with acne typically have more lesions on their faces, as well as blackheads. They also often have oily skin due to overactive sebaceous glands.

Acne treatments are varied and include everything from topical ointments and specially formulated face washes to more advanced skin care designed to target the issue more thoroughly.

It could be Rosacea

It often gets mistaken for acne, but rosacea symptoms are different. In fact, this skin health issue often starts with nothing more than a tendency to blush and flush more easily than other people.

If you have rosacea you’ll likely just experience it on your face, especially your nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. However, similarly to acne, it can spread to your ears, chest and back.

Rosacea presents with a massive variety of symptoms; there are even four subtypes of the disorder! Signs include everything from infected, red sores to visible blood vessels to irritated eyes. Included in the top three most common symptoms are bumps and pimples which could well be linked to acne.

Different Skin Health Spa Treatments Required

Rosacea treatments are quite different than acne skin care regimens, and the two conditions must not be painted with the same brush. You could actually irritate your rosacea further if you treat it like it’s acne; this happens more often than you might realise, as self-diagnoses are often incorrect.

Beware of Myths

In years past, many skin care professionals misdiagnosed conditions as “Acne Rosacea.” This actually isn’t one of the subtypes; there is no known connection between acne or rosacea. It’s essential to know which you have so it can heal before it gets worse.

We’re experts in skin care North London and are trained to recognise the differences between these conditions and treat them uniquely.

Award-Winning Skin Care Potters Bar

Our skin and beauty clinic in Hatfield, near Potters Bar, offers a range of treatments that can get to the root cause of your acne or rosacea. It’s true; you can enjoy beautiful, smooth skin and minimise breakouts or flare-ups.

Our skin treatments include:

We also aid in diagnosis with the use of the Observ® Skin Care Scanner, which lets our professionals take a look deeper into your dermis. Only upon careful consultation will they then work with you to effectively treat your acne or rosacea. The skin specialists at BeauSynergy advanced skin clinic have every option available to reduce and clear acne and rosacea in the Hertfordshire and north London area. These include IPL laser, paramedical facials custom blended to suit individuals skin, such as DMK and Alumier.

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