Thermavein removes a number of skin issues such as Skin Tags, Milia, Blood Spots and Thread Veins. Short bursts of high frequency current pass through a needle to kill off the roots to the problems. Minimal discomfort and limited downtime.

Thermavein is a  uses a process which is known as Thermocoagulation. The short burst of intense heat from a needle (just touches the top of the skin) seals the thread vein, skin tag, milia or blood spot walls/roots causing them to disappear.

How many Thermavein Treatments are needed?

If there are a large quantity of Capillaries/Thread Veins around the nose, cheeks, chin etc then it is common to have to come for a follow up treatment.

When treating Milia and tiny blood spots/Cherry Angioma it is very likely that only one treatment would be required, There would be no downtime and minimal discomfort at any stage of the proess.

When using Thermavein to treat a number of Skin Tags, we often combine the treatment with Cryotherapy (CryoPen). We do this as Cryotherapy is more successful for the larger tags with wider and deeper roots.





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