Have you noticed that the jowl area under your chin has lost its elasticity through ageing?

jowl lift

Non-surgical Jowl Lift (combination of Venus Freeze and Ultimate)

Our non surgical Jowl Lift Uses a powerful and unique combination of micro-current and radio frequency to tighten and lift the lower face and jowl areas. We are able to tighten and lift the appropriate areas to give you back definition and tightness lost through ageing.

Along with the lifting and tightening of the Jowl area you will see greater definition to your jaw and therefore an enhancement to your facial features.

The micro-current works to stimulate the muscles and cellular metabolism which the radio frequency greatly improves elasticity and collagen production.

Maintenance is required, as it would be with normal micro-current and skin tightening treatments but the results can be outstanding.


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