Are you Struggling to get rid of Fat? Are you looking for Immediate fat reduction solutions to change your life?

LipoContrast Duo

80% of results are highly visible within 28 days.  Up to 33% of fat is removed in just one treatment. New LipoContrast Duo is the answer to all your concerns about how to lose fat quickly and safely, without having cosmetic surgery.

Our LipoContrast Duo works with Triple Thermal Shock. This means that each targeted area is heat, cooled and then heated again during your treatment to kill off the fat cells permanently. An extremely successful, non-surgical and relaxing treatment using the very latest in scientific technology.

Available to help both men and women lose areas of fat permanently. From one hour, this relaxing treatment can target two areas at the same time. Typical areas where the fat freezing, fat loss treatments work best are : Arms, Back, Flanks, Chest, Belly, Abdomen and Thighs.

There is no downtime and absolute minimal discomfort.

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The cost is determined by the number of areas you wish to target and the number of inches you wish to lose. 1-3 treatments may be required with an interval of approximately 4 weeks between.

  • One area – £145
  • Two areas – £250
  • Three areas – £360
  • Four areas – £475

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Your Questions Answered

The LipoContrast Duo works through thermal contrast lipolysis.

Fat cells are packed with saturated fatty acids, which are vulnerable to temperature changes. The fat cells are subjected to a sequence of hot-cold-hot exposure during treatment, and this thermal shock causes disruption of the cells, leading to crystallisation, and eventual fat cell destruction. Some of these targeted cells will be disabled almost immediately, with permanent metabolism of the damaged and dead fat cells occurring over the following 2-3 weeks.

The number of fat cells we have does not increase with weight gain, it is the fat cells themselves that grow. Once a fat cell is destroyed and metabolised by the body, it does not grow back. Therefore, the results of the LipoContrast Duo should be permanent, providing a healthy diet and exercise is maintained and further weight gain is avoided.

As a non-invasive procedure, the risks associated with the LipoContrast Duo are considered minimal. There may be some very minimal discomfort at the start of the procedure, but this eases quickly.

Additionally, you may expect to experience some reddening, bruising, swelling and numbness in the treatment area. This should fade after a few hours or up to a day. There is no real downtime required, allowing you to return to your normal activities if you feel comfortable.

The LipoContrast Duo method has been specifically designed for localised areas of excess fat, making the treatment not suitable for obese or very thin patients. Additionally, breast feeding and pregnant women, should avoid this type of treatment until after that stage of their life.

If you are unsure, always consult with your GP before undergoing treatment, to be sure that you are a suitable candidate and have no health risks.

Each treatment session lasts around 60 minutes and consists of the fat tissue being positioned into a specially designed transducer. The treatment areas are cleaned and covered with a conductive gel. The applicator head is placed on the area, and the thermal shock treatment will commence. The tissue is treated with a triple thermal shock of heat, cold and heat again, applied for a specific duration, temperature and energy, using sophisticated automated software. The skin is warmed to around 41°C for approximately 10 minutes to “Liquefy” the fat cells. The area is then cooled to 3°C for 40 minutes to induce cell death. Finally, the area is warmed again to optimise the treatment. All thermal shocks occur with suction, to keep the fat tissue in contact with the applicator, all the time.

Depending on the thickness of the fat tissue and the desired results, 1 to 3 treatment sessions are recommended, with a break of 4 weeks between each one.

After the first session,  it is not unusual for there to be up to 33% reduction of the excess fat in the treated areas. Significant results happen quite quickly, with approximately 80% of the final results visible 28 days after treatment.

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