Skin Scanning to Observ® Skin Health
24 September 2021

Skin Scanning to Observ® Skin Health

If you’re looking for an accurate way to address challenges with your skin then we invite you to try a full in-depth skin consultation including skin scanning, to Observ® great skin health, with the state of the art unique skin scanner from Observ®. While the eye of a trained professional can go a long way towards diagnosing various skin issues, this remarkable skin scanner can help reveal issues that lay deep within your dermis.

Observ® Skin Scanning

The skin scanner used in the Hertfordshire skin clinic is unique in many of its functions. Skin scanning for anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation and general skin conditions like acne, pigmentation and congested skin have been around for many years. However, this innovative skin scanner allows clients and patients to see, through different lighting, various aspects of your skin. To achieve great skin health, the skin scanner allows both technician and client/patient to observe skin issues from different photos taken on an iPad.

What Observ® Can Do For You

Here are just a few of the ways the Observ® Skin Scanner can help you:

  • The Parallel Polarisation mode offers an enhanced view of your skin’s texture to make lines and wrinkles more visible.
  • The Cross Polarization mode brings attention to vascular and pigmentation disorders.
  • The Complexion Analysis mode offers an increased perspective of pigmentation irregularities and skin irritations.

After the Skin Scanning, what Treatments will I need?

Different skin conditions require different treatments, so knowing exactly what you’re “facing” enables your BeauSynergy consultant to make the most appropriate recommendations for your unique situation. The iPad will not only tell us and you, what skin issues need resolving but, wonderfully, they allow the skin specialist to show you the journey throughout your treatment and the problems being that are being resolved.

Once you’ve had your Observ® skin scanning session, your skin specialist may discuss with you some of the following skin treatments at the Hertfordshire skin clinic.

Botox and Dermal Filler Treatments

If a more youthful appearance is what you’re after, our range of Botox and dermal filler treatments are worth considering.

Our  Botox in Hertfordshire is incredibly popular for reducing lines and wrinkles, relaxing the face and smoothing ageing, tired skin. It’s especially great for the forehead and crow’s feet.

By comparison, dermal fillers both relax and plump treated areas. They add natural volume that’s lost through ageing, relax muscles and reduce wrinkles. Dermal fillers are especially effective in the lips and cheeks.

Ultimate Non-Surgical Face Lift

This non-invasive treatment offers outstanding results. Our skin and beauty clinic in Potters Bar offers the advanced facial toning system that results in a more youthful appearance without surgery. It’s great for those who aren’t set on a “quick fix,” don’t want to undergo anything too intense at the moment are in need of more drastic measures.

In a non-surgical facelift, a small, gentle electric current goes through two metallic ball probes and gives your facial muscles a light workout. The treatment offers a minimal level of discomfort and many of our clients find it relaxing.

A Range of Skin Health Spa Treatments in Hatfield

If the therapies we’ve mentioned so far aren’t quite what you’re after, you’ll be pleased to learn our skin and beauty clinic near Potters Bar has many more options for your face. You’ll look your best after:

  • One of our signature facials
  • Skin tightening
  • Danne DMK “skin revision”
  • Use of the derma roller or DermaStamp
  • LED light therapy

In our two-part series on skin health spa treatments, we’ve shown the vast range of options for helping your skin look its best. Perhaps a facial or light therapy would do the trick for you at this stage, or maybe it’s time for something a bit more intensive to “roll back the clock.”

The final decisions are up to you and will depend on a number of factors for your unique situation. BeauSynergy will discuss the options during an initial consultation, during which time you will have the skin scanning procedure. The Observ®  skin scanner really does help the skin specialists and you decide the best options to resolve your skin issues and conditions.

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