BeauSynergy Skin Clinic Hertfordshire Skin Specialists and Beauty Therapists
29 September 2021

The Secret Behind the Success of BeauSynergy Skin Clinic: Our Staff

For many years now, we at BeauSynergy Skin Clinic Hertfordshire have continually relied on the excellent input of our experienced and highly qualified skin therapists to provide our customers with a state of the art skin care treatment. It is due to the dedicated service provided by all our staff that we have remained at the top of skin care and cosmetic industry in the UK for several years now. The selfless service rendering of our professionals has been the reason for the love and appreciation we receive from our customers.

Due to the quality of service provided at the BeauSynergy Skin and Beauty clinic at Hertfordshire, we have also won several awards. For instance, we have won the WhatClinic Customer Service Award and The Aesthetic Awards for 4 out of the last 5 years including the last 3 years. Constant patient referrals is also a clear indication of the quality of services we offer at the beauty clinic.

Some of our Esteemed Skin and Beauty Therapists

Our award-winning team of experienced, professional and customer friendly has been at the forefront of our success and the reason for our customer satisfaction. Some of our leading team players include,

1.Jacqui Bannister

Besides being the director of the BeauSynergy Skin Clinic Hertfordshire, Jacqui Bannister is also a talented senior skin care specialist. Her work in paramedical and aesthetic skin treatment earns her the reputation of a leading expert in advanced laser skin care therapy in the UK. Working closely with her fellow experts, Jacqui Bannister has helped forge a transformative and result oriented team with the sole purpose of ensuring our customers get what they dreamt of in skin care and treatment.

3. Sara Fuller

Sarah works as a senior skin care specialist and has been with BeauSynergy since inception in 2009. Although currently on maternity leave, Sarah has helped hundreds and hundreds of her clients transform their skin through education, in-house treatments and advice on home care products. Before taking her temporary leave, Sarah was able to impart her knowledge in up-training the new members of skin therapists in protocol and customer service.

Her management skills have also kept BeauSynergy skin and beauty clinic running smoothly. She is highly distinguished for her friendly, personal and dedicated approach to consultations and treatments with our customers.

An invaluable member of BeauSynergy and a key reason behind the success of the clinic over the last 8 years.

4. Kerry Lawson

Our beauty therapists at  Skin clinic Hertfordshire are highly qualified professionals with all the necessary credentials and certification to do what they do. Kerry Lawson being one of our powerhouse skin specialists Hertfordshire is a SPMU Technician with a lot of expertise in LVL HD Brow and Nouveau Lashes. She is freelance but is thought of as one of our highly qualified beauty technicians. If you are looking for extremely effective makeovers and beauty treatments, Kerry Lawson is your go-to person. She will, as she always does, strive to provide you with the very best of services.


6 Claire Maslen

Claire joined us in July 2018 and is proving another success story. Claire has fitted in perfectly within the surrounds of the clinic and is constantly striving to learn more and more as quickly as possible to enhance her knowledge of advanced skin treatments. She has many attributes she brings to the clinic along with her NVQ 4 qualifications and we expect her to have a long, happy and rewarding career with us.

At BeauSynergy Skin clinic Hertfordshire, we do our best so you can be at your best. Your skin is the window to your inner beauty and strength, how you maintain it highly matters. Our dedicated skin therapists in Hertfordshire will do everything in their capacity so that you leave our Hertfordshire beauty clinic with a rejuvenated skin.

Contact us at BeauSynergy Skin and Beauty  clinic for consultation and see how we can help. Come interact with our ever-willing and resourceful staff for the betterment of your skin.               01707 662477

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