Should you have Skin Treatments during Pregnancy?
24 September 2021

Should you have Skin Treatments during Pregnancy?

At the BeauSynergy beauty salon in Brookmans Park we offer ladies the best variety of safe and luxurious skin treatments during pregnancy. It’s important to feel good throughout pregnancy and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look and feel fabulous. Yes, pregnancy can take its toll and the first few months are often troubled with morning sickness, oily skin and greasy hair which are generally caused by hormone changes. Increased estrogen and the pregnancy hormone, HCG both contribute to excess sebum and feeling nauseous. It’s only around the middle trimester that many pregnant women emerge feeling better and the skin hopefully starts to clear, hair looks better and any nausea subsides.


Skincare Treatments During Pregnancy at BeauSynergy in Hertfordshire

Visiting our local beauty salon and skin clinic near Potters Bar in Hertfordshire can make the world of difference. It’s important to take time to discuss your pregnancy beauty skincare regime with a professionally trained skin and beauty technician at BeauSynergy. If your skin has changed through pregnancy, then maybe it’s time for some skincare beauty advice. You might want to indulge yourself in a regular facial to help draw out impurities but keep your skin well-nourished. With a multitude of different BeauSynergy rewarding and luxurious facials to choose from there’s bound to be a few you want to try and when you’re exhausted from pregnancy, there’s no better treatment to help you to feel relaxed, refreshed, pampered and your skincare back on track.

Hair Removal while Pregnant

Pregnant women’s hair often to be seen glowing and growing more rapidly during pregnancy as it stops falling out around week 16, so looks thicker and more luxurious than ever before. However, there are some downsides. Pregnant women may well have beautiful looking, thicker and longer hair than before but hair also has a tendency to increase on certain areas of the body. That’s where the hair removal clinic at BeauSynergy near St Albans can help. Our hot and warm waxing is perfectly suitable for pregnant women especially as you grow bigger because if you tend to conduct hair removal at home you might find your legs and intimate areas, like the bikini area, harder to shave with your bump in the way! It’s best to trust one of our experts in waxing, in Hatfield, to get you hair-free and feeling smooth. Waxing is suited to eyebrow shaping and lips also, so have yours waxed in the salon while you’re pregnant as it gets much harder to achieve decent results with a growing bump.


HD Brows & Luscious Lashes

Once your skin is looking peachy, why not treat yourself to the latest in beauty and have a set of HD Brows? They look wonderful and bring out your eyes to perfection. They also last a few weeks so you don’t have to worry about your eyebrows looking untidy. The BeauSynergy beauty salon in Hertfordshire also offer LVL lashes which elongate and thicken your own lashes and last up to 6 weeks (you may need a touch-up in between). We also offer an eyelash tint which darkens your own lashes so they don’t need mascara. These treatments are ideal during pregnancy but they work post-birth too and are invaluable because you won’t have as much time to devote to your beauty regime when you’re dealing with a new baby so they are exceptionally time-saving! As far as pre-birth these treatments are perfect for the lead up to birth – after all, you still want to look your best when you’ve had your baby, think of the photographs! Add in a manicure and pedicure especially in your last few weeks and you’ll be ready whenever your baby wants to make an appearance.

Post-Pregnancy Beauty Treatments

Of course, pregnancy beauty doesn’t end when you give birth. Those first few weeks and months are always hectic because you’ve just welcomed a new life into your home. Adjusting to a new routine and devoting most of your time to a little one means you don’t have as much time for yourself, but it’s important to make time for being a new mum. A bespoke, tailor made facial, purely for your new skin type, will clear, brighten, refresh and totally rejuvenate your skin. Remember you will have had the hormone changes, lack of sleep and the emotional tiring and stressful experience of bringing a new-born baby into this world.
Beauty treatments post-pregnancy / after child birth are an open book. You are restricted by the amount of beauty treatments you can have during pregnancy due to the lasers or paraben free products that we are using to clear your skin. Whereas, once the child is born after pregnancy and providing you are not breast-feeding you can have a variety of paramedical and laser skincare treatments to get your skin back looking healthy and refreshed. You may also just not have the time or inclination for applying makeup in the morning and taking it off at night once you have round-the-clock babycare. Semi-Permanent may be an option for you when it comes to eyeliner. Permanent eyeliner using permanent makeup from BeauSynergy in Hertfordshire means you never have to worry about make-up mascara for the first 2 years of your new born baby – what joy !



Little Belly Fat that won’t shift despite Exercise

After child birth you will be conscious of still not looking in the best shape possible, which of course is natural. Over the course of the following weeks, as your body starts to settle down after its “traumatic experience”, you may well be looking to get back into the shape you were previously. This can create a problem in that no matter how hard you diet and workout to get your tummy seriously reduced, you often find a small amount of belly fat which refuses to shift. Under the guidance of the skin therapists at BeauSynergy we are able to reduce and remove these fat cells with post-pregnancy fat loss and removal using LipoContrast. This “laser” Lipo is uses Cryotherapy thermal shock to heat, cool and heat again, the isolated fat cells and remove them permanently. Results are exceptionally quick and painless and not only allow you to have the fat removed from your belly / tummy but you have an hour or so to relax, switch off and unwind during treatment.
BeauSynergy specializes in LipoContrast fat loss for post pregnancy ladies and is currently seeing women from all over Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and London.
For all your pregnancy and post-pregnancy beauty in Hatfield and beyond, contact our award-winning Beauty, Skin and Fat Loss clinic, BeauSynergy on 01707 662477, we are open 7 days a week!



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