Rosacea Cause and Treatment with AlumierMD
29 September 2021

Rosacea: Symptoms, Effects and Remedy

Rosacea, although a common skin disorder, is extensively poorly misunderstood by many people. Pronounced as Roh-say-sha, it is a benign inflammatory skin disorder with an acne-like visual appearance. This condition begins as a simple red flush which spreads to cover the central part of the face. In some extreme cases, the condition spreads to the chest, ears and even the back. A Rosacea cause and treatment used to be difficult to understand and undertake but as you will read here, it is a lot easier to know and treat now.

Types of Rosacea Skin Disease

Because of the variability of the symptoms and extent of infection of the rosacea skin disease, the condition has  been categorised into four main types;

  • Ocular Rosacea- Red irritated eyes characterise this type of rosacea with swollen eyelids. The individual may have what appears to be a sty.
  • Papulopustular – In this type, the patient’s skin appears to have a red flush, acne-breakouts and swelling.
  • Erythematotelangiectatic- Blood vessels are visible on the patient’s face, and the skin has redness and flushness.
  • Phymatous – This type is also commonly confused with acne due to the thick skin and bumpy texture.

All the four types are diagnosed similarly and are all simply referred to as rosacea. According to the National Rosacea Society (NRS), the condition affects more than 145 million worldwide. In addition, another survey by the NRS states that nearly 95% of patients knew almost nothing about the condition before diagnosis. What this statistic means is that majority of people with this skin condition have no idea they that they are actually suffering from this conspicuous skin disease.


Emotional and Psychological Effects of Rosacea

If left untreated, rosacea can cause serious social and psychological issues which could also negatively impact a person’s occupation. In addition, the acne-like red flushing face can have significant impacts on an individual’s appearance.

In several other surveys conducted by the NRS, approximately 90% or more rosacea patients admitted that suffering from the condition dealt a blow to their self-esteem and self-confidence. From the same surveys, it is reported that 41% of these patients claimed to keep off public gatherings and even called off social rendezvous. On the other hand, similar studies show that 88% of patients suffering from severe symptoms had occupational fallouts and adversities due to the negative effect the condition had on their professional interactions.

Who Suffers from Rosacea

Rosacea can be commonly seen in people who have a light skin complexion. Particularly, it tends to manifest in folks with a Scottish or Irish background. In some cases, the general perception among people is that alcoholics are thought to be more susceptible to rosacea. However, although not a direct cause of rosacea, alcohol is considered to be a trigger or aggravator for the condition.

Rosacea has at times been misdiagnosed as acne probably due to some similarities the two skin conditions share. However, unlike acne, rosacea often occurs in adults aged between 30 to 50 years. Although the condition is very rare, it is not nonexistent in children. It affects both sexes but is very common in women. However, it happens to be very severe when it affects men. The condition has been found to be uncommon among people with a dark skin complexion.

Rosacea Cause and Treatment

Signs and Symptoms of Rosacea

The commonly noticeable signs and symptoms  include;

  • Redness of the skin also known as erythema
  • Flushing
  • Burning sensation
  • Cysts
  • Irritated or watery eyes
  • Tiny cysts

These signs and symptoms tend to appear and disappear randomly. However, although it may appear, disappear and reappear, the patient’s skin never regains its natural skin condition unless a remedy is sought. If you notice any of these symptoms make haste and visit a reputable skin specialist, such as BeauSynergy Advanced Skin Clinic in Hertfordshire,  before the condition becomes severe.

Treatment of the Skin Condition

Over the years, a rosacea cause and treatment has been hard to pinpoint. Most skin care clinics opt for antibiotics, but this also does not seem to provide the desired results. Fortunately, at BeauSynergy, they have successfully crafted the long-awaited remedy for the skin condition. At BeauSynergy, AlumierMD has been used to effectively provide a long-lasting treatment for it. Accompanied with consistent patient home care, rosacea widely believed to be incurable, has found a treatment at BeauSynergy.

The five steps involved in treating it at BeauSynergy are;

  1. Visiting the clinic for a specialist checkup.
  2. Reducing inflammation and redness using AlumierMD. AlumierMD relaxes the skin through skin soothing, and the anti-inflammatory components such as Niacinamide, hinokitiol, sea whip, Aloe, and antioxidants help prevent a flare-up.
  3. Skin repair, which ensures that the natural moisture is maintained.
  4. Reduction of microbial agents using antimicrobial ingredients.
  5. Skin Protection from the sun’s UV rays.
  6. Lastly, BeauSynergy camouflages the redness using AlumierMD which provides an even skin tone.

As mentioned previously, Rosacea is a common but often misrepresented skin disease. Very few individuals are aware that it is a disease like any other while others live in complete denial about the skin condition. The good news is that you can fully repair your skin and regain your natural beauty by visiting BeauSynergy Skin and Beauty Clinic in Hertfordshire. It pays to be aware of your skin’s health because failure to do so can have undesirable social and psychological impacts.

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