BeauSynergy Treatment Prices

We believe that everybody deserves to look beautiful and have healthy, clean, contoured skin. All our skin treatments and beauty treatments are
effective in giving you the improvement and rejuvenated look you want from the very first appointment.


£25 or free

A shorter consultation is free and always necessary on our selection of skin treatments carried out at our advanced skin clinic . If you are looking to improve your skin or are unsure of what treatments are available for your skin colour and type then a full in-depth 45 minute skin consultation, scan and analysis is necessary. We will then be able to make the correct bespoke treatment for you along with a comprehensive home skincare routine

For skin conditions like skin tags, thread veins etc as well as beauty treatments, a shorter assessment is given for free.

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from £95

The skin clinic offers a variety of intensive facials and peels which vary according to your skin type, condition and requirements. Ranging from overall skin rejuvenation which concern all skin ageing matters, to skin conditions like acne, rosacea, wrinkles and pigmentation. We primarily use Danné DMK as it allows for the removal of dead cells, the rebuilding of the remaining living cells, the protection of the skin and maintenance of the new skin at home.

May include Sebum Soak, Enzyme or Oxygen infused Facials

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from £55

Even though we are an advanced skin and beauty clinic, there is a huge demand for beautiful, relaxing and pampering facials. Thankfully with our experience in beauty and our understanding of skin we are able to offer bespoke soothing, freshening, brightening facials to both ladies and men. We will do whatever is necessary to make sure you have the best of experiences within our clinic so that ultimately your skin feels cleaner and firmer, and you feel better about yourself.

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LED light therapy rejuvenates, restores and regenerates your skin in just 25 minutes. For best results a course would be recommended but it is often combined with other treatments. Totally painless, it is the most relaxing and peaceful of treatments as you lie under the warm glow of the specific mode of light. It significantly

Dermalux LED light therapy significantly aides recovery from acne, pigmentation, psoriasis and rosacea whilst strengthening and repairing the skin. Incredibly it hydrates the skin to 300%, boosting collagen and elastin.

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from £195

Botox® is a prescription medicine that is injected into a muscle causing it to temporarily relax. Professionally prescribed and treated by our aesthetic cosmetic doctor, this anti-wrinkle, facial muscle relaxant dramatically improves severe frown lines around forehead and eyes.

Crows feet, glabellar (frown lines) or forehead area = 1 area

Hyperhidrosis (sweating under arms) total – £450

Consultations are £25 and deductible off your treatment. Dr Anita Dhunna is reassuring and extremely knowledgeable in what is right for your facial features. She will discuss your needs and allay any fears you may have.

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from £250

Dermal fillers will help correct facial fine lines, plump lips, fill deep folds or create contours by creating volume. They can also be used on hands and décolleté.

Consultations are £25 with Dr Anita Dhunna but the fee is deductible from any following treatment. Her Dermal Filler prices can be found here.

Dr Anita Dhunna is highly experienced in the field of aesthetics and runs her own Essex clinic as well as practising out of Harley Street. She has a marvellous understanding of what will work best with your facial features and is there to explain, reassure and produce more of the incredible results she helped create over many years .

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The non-surgical face lift is totally non-invasive and comparatively relaxing treatment to stimulate sleeping facial muscles causing them to spring to life and strengthen. This will lift any sagging facial muscles creating stronger and healthier facial features. A course is recommended for the best results.

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Venus Freeze is a non-invasive and totally relaxing treatment. Using radio frequency and magnetic pulse technology. For treatments on the face and body, the skin tightening treatment freshens, tightens and plumps the skin which helps iron out lines and wrinkles. and enhances fat reduction.

This warm and soothing treatment produces new collagen and elastin fibres.

Venus Freeze is also used in conjunction with laser Lipo to help reduce fat loss improve cellulite to give a smoother tighter body.

A remarkable treatment that gives instant results in just one treatment although for the best results a course is recommended.

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prices below

We offer three types of hair removal.

Permanent Elysion laser hair removal – Using state of the art diode laser technology, it is FDA cleared and carries CE medical marks. The course of treatments for women and men requires a free consultation and patch test –  from £35

Hair V Go – for fluffy, downy, peach fuzz hair – any colour. It is a professional alkaline hair removal treatment that reduces and removes fluffy non-hormonal hair painlessly – from £35

Waxing – Warm and strip waxing for both men and women. The prices and cost of waxing on various areas of the body including lip, eyebrow, chin, arms, armpit, back, chest, legs and bikini. Bikini includes tidy, Brazilian and Hollywood. Price of waxing in the salon will vary depending on area so best call for exact cost – from £9

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from £95

Depending on the quantity of thread veins to be removed, the price could vary.  However it is unusual to be above £95 as we can only treat for 15 minutes which normally allows for all veins to be treated and removed.

Thermavein® would be used to remove each facial vein (normally found on the nose, cheeks or chin). The fine probe emits high temperature accurately onto each vein, shutting off the blood supply and eliminating the vein, which collapses the vein wall and the vein disappears.

All treatments are non-invasive, quick with little pain or downtime

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from £195

The LipoContrast targets localised fat. The system is unique in the dramatic results it produces instantly, painlessly and cost effectively on areas of the body like the back, chest, neck, chin, arms, knees, belly and abdomen. There is no need for exercise afterwards ( unlike the “paddle system ).

Costs depend on the amount of areas and also how much fat you wish to lose. It is possible to lose many inches over just 1 – 3 treatments. A free consultation is necessary to discuss your options and expectations.

Results of some treatments can be found here.

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LASER LIPO “paddle”


course of 8 = £350

Laser Lipo fat reduction is a safe, painless, non-invasive procedure that uses a cool laser to liquefy and remove unwanted fat in targeted areas of the body. Using the “paddle” system this particular treatment can target just 2 or 3 areas and is a cost effective way to break down and lose fat.

The Broken down fat naturally drains away through lymphatic system with exercise.

The Lipo “paddle” treatment results in inch fat loss on targeted areas on the abdomen, waist or buttocks. Normal fat loss is 2-6 inches on course.

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from £45

Depending on the size of the particular skin issue to be removed, we would use either Thermavein® or CryoPen.

Thermavein® is generally used to treat all these conditions with the exception of the larger tags, where we use the CryoPen. The Thermavein’s probe emits high temperature accurately onto each skin tag, blood spot or milia and eliminates it immediately causing them to fall off.

The CryoPen is capable of firing with precision, nitrous oxide directly at the area to be treated. This causes the area to instantly freeze, scab and drop off.

All treatments for any condition are non-invasive, quick with little pain or downtime.


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from £120

(includes Coool Lift Gun)

The most popular treatment in the clinic for instant results for hydration, rejuvenation and brightness to your skin.

The CryoLift facial has been developed specifically by BeauSynergy and includes a pre-exfoliation and LED light therapy.

It can also be used in conjunction with many other treatments at the clinic and made specifically bespoke to your skin and requirements.

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from £40

Your consultation is key to the cost of your laser tattoo removal as costs will vary depending on factors like size, colours and location of tattoo. It cannot exactly therefore be determined how many sessions you will need to reduce or remove your tattoo completely. Again this will be discussed at your Free Consultation.

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prices below


Gelish manicure incl. soak off – £25

Essential manicure (with polish) – £20

Luxury manicure (incl. polish & warm mitts) – £35

Luxury manicure (incl hydrating mask) – £25

Express manicure (file & polish) – £15

Men’s manicure £15

Manicure and Pedicure

Express manicure & pedicure – £26

Essential manicure & pedicure – £40

Gelish manicure and pedicure – £50

Men’s manicure and pedicure lux – £32

There are many combinations and packages of manicures and pedicures available. So please do ask us what the different options are available that you may want to consider.

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prices below


Gelish pedicure incl. soak off – £28

Essential pedicure – £25

Luxury pedicure (incl. polish & warm booties) – £35

Luxury pedicure (hydrating mask) – £35

Express pedicure (file and polish) – £15

Men’s pedicure – £20

Manicure and Pedicure

Express manicure & pedicure £26

Essential manicure & pedicure  £40

Gelish manicure and pedicure – £50

Men’s manicure and pedicure lux – £32

There are many combinations and packages of manicures and pedicures available. So please do ask us what the different options are available that you may want to consider.

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From £45

Pigmentation can be larger areas for which we would generally use IPL  laser. However, for the smaller areas of pigmentation we would use the successful CryoPen. These smaller areas are also known as brown spots, liver spots, seborrheic keratosis, ageing spots or sun damage.

The CryoPen is capable of firing with precision nitrous oxide directly at the area to be treated. This causes the area to instantly freeze, scab and drop off.

All treatments for any condition are non-invasive, quick with little pain or downtime.

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Our Observ Skin Scanner helps us determine the extent of the issues of your skin before making any decision on your treatment plan. Plus it allows you and us to see the on-going progress your skin is making.


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From £36

HD Brows and LVL lashes

HD Brows for eyebrow shaping, tinting, waxing, threading, contoured shaping and eyebrow pencil to create a fabulous defined eyebrow shape – £36
( patch test maybe required )
LVL lashes – Innovative technique to lift and straighten your own lashes creating length and volume – £50



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Semi-permanent makeup treatments are performed by Hertfordshire leading SPMU technician, Kerry Turner, who is at the forefront of this popular treatment. An alternative to wearing makeup every day this almost painless procedure helps define your facial contours.

Includes eyebrows, eyes and lips and can last up to 5 years.

Initial consultation is necessary to discuss options – from £200

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Our wedding day beauty packages are bespoke and custom made to the individual or wedding group – full details to come on the site shortly.

Example Wedding Package – £125

Bespoke facial

Manicure and pedicure polish or gels

Sienna X spray tan (full body)

Eyebrow shape and tint

Full or half leg wax

The best thing to do is to come in for a chat and decide what you are ideally after , your budget and we can show you what we can do for you. There will be a significant discount on the various packages in comparison to individual treatments etc.


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from £90

Packages are bespoke and could include treatments like manicure, pedicure, gels, waxing, spray tanning and pampering facials.

The beauty packages are perfect for teenagers, parties, holidays, weddings and any event where you want to look and feel the best.

Example – Wedding £125

Bespoke facial, Manicure / Pedicure polish or gels, Sienna X spray tan (full body), Eyebrow shape and tint, Full or half leg wax.

Example – Special Occasion from £90

Bespoke facial, Manicure / Pedicure polish or gels, Sienna X spray tan (full body).

Example – “Best man” – £75

Bespoke facial with LED, Essential Manicure, Spray tan.




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Due to the nature of our business, we do ask for a deposit for the initial treatment.
This deposit is used towards the treatments full cost and helps us ensure we can provide top of the range beauty and skin care services.

Cancellation Policy

We ask for at least 48 hours notice be given if you need to cancel your appointment with us. If you need to cancel your appointment or if you haven’t arrived for your allotted time, we will charge a fee of £25.

Discounts and Offers

We currently offer students a 10% discount on all our treatments.

If you’re looking for a lower cost and affordable skin care and beauty treatment prices in Hertfordshire, give us a call

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