Post Pregnancy Belly or Summer Slimming?
29 September 2021

Post Pregnancy Belly or Summer Slimming?

Are either of these a concern right now? Before we discuss Summer Slimming lets talk about a common issue with many mothers. That is the issue of not being able to get rid of the Post Pregnancy Belly. No matter how hard you have tried to tone down and rid your post pregnancy belly, it is proving a stubborn old thing. You have done all the diets, you have reduced your eating and re-joined the gym for several sessions each week, but all to no avail. The belly and even the flanks of your tummy just refuse to get back to where they were before you were pregnant.

What is more, you have planned your first holiday with your partner and new born and the summer slimming is not going as well as one had hoped for. There is a lack of “my time” in your life now and a quick convenient snack is just so much easier than a controlled stable 3 light- meals-a-day diet.

Post Pregnancy Belly is Easy to Remove

At BeauSynergy we have the answer to all such concerns. We can painlessly and non-surgically remove those stubborn pockets of fat caused showing on your post pregancy belly. The advanced slimming technology allows the unique triple thermal shock procedure to remove up to 33% of fat in just one session. By fat freezing two areas at once with LipoContrast DUO you can have fat cells removed for good in just one to three sessions.

Summer Slimming

Advanced slimming treatments at the fat freezing clinic in Hertfordshire mean that you can rapidly speed up the time it takes to remove the necessary fat cells on any part of your body in time for your summer holiday. Of course, a healthy diet and regular exercise will speed up the break up of the fat cells, leaving a slimmer and trimmer you.

Having this form of non-invasive fat reduction for your Post Pregnancy Belly will remove fat cells from targeted areas without any downtime and recovery. This safe painless, relaxing and effective LipoContrast DUO treatment requires no anesthetic and takes approximately 60 minutes for two areas. Quicker and safer than surgical tummy tucks and liposuction.

With this annoying Post Pregnancy Belly, previous lady clients found that any lingering fat around their neck, arms, stomach, thighs and hip areas was significantly reduced after two or three sessions.

If you are looking for quick fat freezing results, BeauSynergy have found that 80% of the best results came within the first 4 weeks from the first treatment but of course this will depend on the cell structure of ones skin along with speed of metabolism and diet.

Non-Surgical Fat Freezing in Hertfordshire

Non-surgical fat freezing for a new slimmer you in time for your summer holiday will vary in cost depending how many areas you would like treated. Please do call BeauSynergy Advanced Skin and Fat Freezing Clinic in Hertfordshire for a free 15 minute assessement to see if you are a good candidate for treatment

You’ve brough a wonderful new gift into the world and now you don’t have to worry about the post pregnancy belly.  Schedule your appointment and get ready for a newer, slimmer looking you!

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