Popular Treatments For Asian Skin
24 September 2021

Over the years, we’ve seen many different faces come through the door at our beauty clinic in Brookmans Park, and we’ve come to realise that skin issues are as unique as our clients themselves. However, we do notice recurring themes for popular skin care treatments or amongst certain demographics. Just one example that’s stood out to us is how some people of Asian backgrounds have issues or requests in common.

At the same time, we recognise that “Asian skin” is a broad term, as there are many different ethnicities within it. Our award-winning Hertfordshire skin care experts understand that concerns about skin issues are different from culture to culture and of course, person to person. With that in mind, here are a few of the most common issues we’ve encountered with Asian skin.

Common Asian Skin Issues


Pigmentation is when darker or lighter blotches appear on the skin. Hyperpigmentation is especially common and typically occurs through the natural aging process or due to sun damage. It can also appear due to struggles with acne.

People with hyperpigmentation of the face will notice an increasing contrast between light and dark areas of the skin, more pronounced lines and an asymmetrical skin tone.

People of some ethnic backgrounds can be more prone to pigmentation issues, hyper or hypopigmentation which can be more noticeable than with people of different coloured skin, such as white. Pigmentation in Asian skin is very likely caused by sun damage. It is only just becoming noticeable that Asians are using SPF 30 – 50 when exposed to the sun. Previously the myth was that because of their already deep pigment, they did not need protection as they would not burn. Left exposed they left themselves very prone to sun damage, pigmentation, skin ageing and cancer.


Acne and, as a result, acne scarring are another of the Asian skin characteristics we notice in our practice from time to time. Acne is a skin disease that occurs when pores get clogged by sebum, an oily substance the skin produces, along with dirt and dead skin cells. Bacteria can contribute to swelling and infection in people with acne, and this condition can lead to significant pitting and scarring.

Many of our patients seek the best treatment for acne blemishes, blackheads and cysts, and others for the results of it, such as acne scarring. While people of all ethnic origins desire clear and healthy skin, there are significant trends in some Asian countries at the moment for especially translucent faces.

Gaining the desired results often requires a strict skin care regimen to combat challenges such as acne. We’ve noticed this has spilled over into the UK where people with Asian skin are actively seeking more treatments to ensure their faces are remarkably smooth and blemish free.


Ageing skin, in general, is another concern for those with Asian skin. While there have been studies conducted and books written on how the diets and lifestyles of Asian cultures help maintain a more youthful appearance, time eventually catches up with us all.

Ageing Asian skin characteristics can include lines, wrinkles, loose skin and dryer complexions. These challenges result from decreased collagen production, damage from pollution, smoking, sun exposure and cell damage from free radicals.

Trends in Asian Beauty Care

If like us, you’re an avid reader of beauty blogs, you may have noticed that South Korean skin care regimens and beauty treatments are especially trendy at the moment. However, the inspiration for Asian skincare comes from many different places and as such, treatments don’t have to originate in Asian countries in order to be suited to different types of Asian skin.

Botox for Asian Skin

Popular all over the world, Botox is a minimally invasive anti-wrinkle injection treatment. In South Korea, for example, it’s popular to have less injected each time and instead go for treatments more frequently. This ensures adherents to the regimen never have that stiff, startled look.

With all skin colours, including Asian skin, Botox relaxes muscles, reduces lines and wrinkles and smooths tired skin. At our skin in Hertfordshire, you can rely on careful, expert application for a beautiful look.

Cryopen Treatments in Hatfield

The Cryopen is just one of several possibilities for treating pesky pigmentation issues. Others include the Dermaroller and chemical peels.

The Cryopen is ideal for Asian face care because it brightens, evens skin tone and removes noticeable hyperpigmentation spots. It’s very safe, applied in a precise manner to the most necessary spots and is also suitable for a number of other skin issues.

Try A Venus Freeze Facial

Known as the most relaxing “laser” facial treatment, Venus Freeze improves skin elasticity. Radio frequencies and magnetic pulses warm the tissue and encourage cell regeneration and collagen creation as well as the rebuilding of elastin fibres.

Venus Freeze provides fast results and has proven incredibly popular with our Asian clients, as a one-off treatment before a special event; however, a course of repeated treatments will offer even better and longer lasting outcomes.

Repair Acne Damage

At our skin clinic in Potters Bar, we promote to those with Asian skin, and all other clients, the use of Danne enzymes to exfoliate, strengthen and firm, acne scarred skin. It offers results you’ll see and feel as well as encourage your skin to perform better in the future.

If you have skin that’s especially damaged from years of acne, you could also try the Cryopen or Dermaroller to further rejuvenate your face and encourage collagen production. You could also try a skin peel to even out post-inflammatory acne scars.

Regardless of your ethnic origin, at Beausynergy there are a number of treatments we can offer to help you perfect your Asian skin. Contact us for a consultation today!

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