I have just completed a course of the “Ultimate” Non-Surgical Facelift treatments with BeauSynergy and I am amazed at the change. I undertook the course to try and reduce a few eye wrinkles and drooping around the chin area and, after only 2 treatments, not only could I see the difference but so could my husband! As I approach my last treatment, my face looks firmer and slimmer all over, in particular around the eyes and chin. I can put on eye shadow without it creasing and I have a dimple in my chin again! I am so pleased with my appearance, every time I look in a mirror I smile. Beausynergy is not your everyday normal beauty salon; it is a specialist skin centre with a catalogue offering the latest scientific, non-invasive skin processes to help you look and feel good. Don’t take my word for it give it a try, you won’t regret it!