New Laser Hair Removal at BeauSynergy
29 September 2021

New Laser Hair Removal in Herts

BeauSynergy are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new laser hair removal in Herts. The Elysion technology will transform the way men and ladies permanently remove their unwanted dark, blonde, darker grey and ginger hairs, on all areas of their bodies.

What areas of the body can the Laser treat?

The areas of the body best treated using laser hair removal are in fact, all areas.  The common areas for men are hair removal of the chest, back, hands and ears. Although it has become more common in recent years for men to have hair removal for their legs, face, groin and feet. For ladies we are treating these areas: Brow, lip, face, chin, back, chest, arms, bikini, Brazilian, Hollywood, legs and feet

What colour hair can the Laser treat?

The laser hair removal technology is relatively unique in that it can now treat nearly all colour hair. Previously with older lasers and IPL it was possible only to treat darker hair and lighter coloured skin. It is now possible, with our laser, to treat dark hairs, blonde hairs, some grey hairs and ginger hair. All skin tones are able to accept including dark skin and tanned skin.

How does the Laser treatment work?

The Elysion has four wavelengths (750nm, 810nm, 940nm and 1060nm) than can be used with the platform with both high repetition and high energy with a short pulse .

The technology transmits a laser beam while affecting the melanin (which gives hair its colour) which destroys the hair follicle without damaging the skin in the process.

The skin suffers very minimal pain due to the exclusive “crystal freeze” system. This is the time necessary for the skin to recover its original temperature after the application of the laser beam. The system works by maintaining a constant temperature of 6ºC at the tip of the handpiece, producing a pleasant sensation on the skin during hair removal.

How quick is the Laser Hair removal?

The time it takes is remarkably quick. We generally can remove all hair in any particular cycle in a maximum of 60 minutes for two long legs. Facial areas, arms etc take considerably less time. For instance upper lip will take 2 minutes.

Where can I get this Laser Hair Removal in Herts treatment?

Our super quick, painless and affordable laser hair removal is exclusively available in the BeauSynergy advanced skin and beauty clinic . Situated in Brookmans Park, the clinic is just minutes away from a mainline train station, the M25 and A1

Contact us now at BeauSynergy to book your Free Consultation and your Permanenet Laser Hair Removal – 01707 662477 or

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