Milia and How to Remove it
29 September 2021

What is Milia?

Seen by many, but nameless to most, Milia is a common skin condition that is known by the appearance of small, dome shaped white or yellowish bumps typically in clusters but can also be seen as just one or two.

These tiny cysts occur when an amount of keratin (the same strong protein found in your hair and nails) is trapped unable to get to the surface of the skin as it is stuck beneath.

Where is Milia found on the body?

Milia can be found on various locations on the body but more commonly found on the nose, cheeks, eyelids and under eyes but for some, it may be found in their genital and torso areas. There is a 40% chance that newborns are likely to have Milia and their during infancy. It is however most commonly seen in older children and adults regardless a person’s ethnicity or age. For adults having these Milium cysts, it is possible that damage may have occurred to their skin. Some of the damage may be from various factors including long term sun damage, blisters and burns.

Milia and how to remove it

When treating Milia, our well trained and experienced physicians use the safe and effective Thermavein®. Thermavein® uses a process known as Thermocoagulation. This process kills off the roots of the Milia causing them to immediately and permanently disappear.

These sessions are done quickly with a treatment time between 5 – 15 minutes. Clinically proven and safe, Thermavein® is non scarring, has minimal discomfort and no long term worry of redness or skin discoloration. Downtime for a Milia treatment is between 2 – 4 days due to possible swelling. There is a small chance that you may experience a minimal amount of swelling  for up to 48 hours but with little sensitivity. Our skin therapist will advise you of all your aftercare.

If you would be interested in Milia removal for you or your children because it is:

  • effecting self confidence
  • for aesthetic reason
  • causing irritation when rubbed against during activities

Then do contact BeauSynergy Advanced Skin and Beauty Clinic in Hertfordshire for a free constultation. 01707 662477 or email

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