Microblading – Tattooing Technique for Natural Looking Brows
29 September 2021

New Microblading – At BeauSynergy

We are really happy to announce that our new Microblading is now at BeauSynergy. Those days of horrible white eyeliner and horrendously thin brows are over and the chic style of a sexier, fuller brow is a must.  Ageing, medical disorders, medicines and even years of over tweezing are reasons why your brows are lacking volume.

Many of us have found eyebrow stencils or even just simply shaping and filling in brows with a pencil to be part of our daily regimen but the time, effort and worry about them wearing off throughout the day is frustrating.

Times have changed and so will your brows!

Now here at BeauSynergy in Hertfordshire, our new Microblading is a tattooing technique for natural looking brows performed by our experienced  technicians which creates those dream brows you’ve hoped for! After a numbing agent has been applied, a small handheld tool with several tiny needles carefully and accurately deposits semi-permanent pigment into the skin’s upper dermal region.

Unlike eyebrow tattooing, each and every hair stroke has been created by hand using a small blade which mimics brow hairs  adding little slices into the skin. We are able to create, reshape and enhance the look of the brows without fear of you sweating them off during your next workout. Perfect shape, perfect look.

Although semi-permanent, the pigmentation can fade over time due to either the quality of the product used, too much exposure to the sun or water, certain medications or some ingredients found in facial products.

Everyone reacts differently to Microblading and results will vary in-between touchups. Once you have completed your blading session, the colour will appear darker the next day, then slowly peel and soften. It should take about a month to heal.

The healing process will be quicker if you

  • Keep your eyebrows moistened and clean.
  • Have healthy skin which is free from bleeding disorders.
  • Have active inflammatory conditions or use blood thinners or Retinols.

Microblade and perfect your brow game with us at BeauSynergy. Throw out those time consuming eyebrow pencils and call us for a free consultation – 01707 662477

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