Keep Clear of Acne – What to Avoid
29 September 2021

Keep Clear of Acne

We treat the acne condition regularly here at the Hertfordshire clinic. Obviously though, when teenagers, adult men and ladies come to see us, it is because they have either the on-set of acne or spots or the acne has persisted for months or even years.

Just like we are told to look after our health and fitness in order to stay away from illness, we should also remember that our skin is in constant need of TLC. As much as we like to produce the wonderful results we get by clearing away the acne (with homecare instructions also), we also really feel for those who visit us in anguish. Acne can be a total heartache for many people and can affect their lives in the highest way possible. So what can we do to keep clear of acne.

Here are some ideas to help prevent Acne:

6 Ingredients to Avoid if possible

  1. Artificial colour in make-up and skincare. This is because it is a well known Comedogenwhich irritates the follicle and leads to increased sebum.
  2. Isopropyl Myristate. It gives products a silky feeling but it is another Comedogen. You should try and look for non-comodogenic products.
  3. Lanolin. A waxy substance this is often used to nourish skin. It’s also an irritant and can cause blackheads and breakouts.
  4. Mineral Oils. They are not Comedogenic but they’re occlusive which can be problematic as they stop skin from excreting waste. This waste can then get trapped which leads to whiteheads known as Milia
  5. S.D. Alcohol. (especially denatured alcohol). Used as an astringent, they strip the natural barrier lipids hat protect from water loss and irritants.
  6. Traditional Soap. Clearnsing bars that maintain the skin’s pH are more acidic are just fine. However, “old school” soaps that are more alkaline will cause dehydration and sensitivity.

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