Is Your Teenager Suffering With Acne?
29 September 2021

Is Your Teenager Suffering With Acne?

It is time for schools to re-open after six months.  During these months there has been the uncertainty of the timing of going back to school during Covid-19, the new ways of home education study, the worry of exam grades and the nature in which those grades were initially given. All these challenges faced by teenagers has only added to the usual demands puberty places on teenage bodies. So a teenager suffering with acne is a common problem now.

The extra demands mentioned, as well as having to wear face masks, have increased the anxiety & stress of adolescence, which can in turn exacerbate this teenage acne.

Dealing With Teenage Acne

DMK and BeauSYNERGY have been working together for over 10 years to help teenagers and young adults recover from the effects acne has on the self confidence and sometimes embarrassment of young girls and boys today.

A teenager suffering with acne can be difficult for the parents also. As a writer who had acne as a child and who has a son who suffered badly with acne, I know how difficult it is as a parent to keep the teenager realistic and positive about the speed of the acne improvement.

 DMK Enzyme Treatments and Home Prescriptives

DMK enzyme treatments and home prescriptives are extremely effective in managing acne.

By making an appointment for a skin consultion for teenage boys and girls is the next best step you could possibly take. Once the skin technician has discussed and seen the issues first hand, they will scan the face to check the activity of the bacteria under the surface of the skin. Once booked in, the teenager would begin a course of in-clinic and home treatments to help resolve the skin issues. The results are consistent and extremely satisfactory providing the clients stick with the skincare regime at home

Acu Masque Use is Integral to a Successful Outcome

Here is what it will do for the skin:

It is a diverse & versatile mask

It fights acne-causing bacteria

It purifies the skin

It soothes & reduces redness

It reduces inflammation

It purifies ducts plugged by dead cells & sebum

It prevents pimple eruptions

It acts as an astringent on enlarged pores


Teenage acne can cause severe anxiety, depression, mental illness and worse. Working with DMK and BeauSYNERGY is a giant step in getting teenagers and young adult’s mental health back stronger.

Psycholo­gically, the stress levels will slow down as the patient sees something positive happening to their skin. Many times, their depression is very deep after having tried so many things before with little results. Now DMK and BeauSYNERGY have an internal as well as external treatment that ensures a lifetime of positive results.

Skin health internally and topically is better to fight back bacterial, parasitic or even viral attacks. No one needs to suffer the scourge of acne and difficult-to-remove cuneiform scars.

Now is the time to get in touch and book your initial teenage acne consultation.

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